75+ Most Commonly Misspelled Words (and Tricks for Remembering Them)


Spelling can be challenging, even for the most skilled writers and linguists. Proper spelling is essential for clear communication, so it’s crucial to know the correct spelling of commonly misspelled words. This article will provide a list of 75+ most commonly misspelled words and offer some helpful tricks for remembering how to spell them correctly.

List of Commonly Misspelled Words

1. Accommodate – Use the mnemonic “Two C’s, two M’s” to remember the double consonants.

2. A lot – It’s actually “a lot,” not “alot.” Use the phrase “a space lot” as a reminder.

3. Amateur – Remember that this word has “am”text + “a” + “teur.”

4. Apocalypse – Use the phrase “A pocket lip” to recall the tricky combination of letters.

5. Argument – Keep in mind that there is no “e” after “u.”

6. Calendar – Recall that “ar” comes before “en.”

7. Cemetery – Use the mnemonic “E before T” to remember the order of vowels.

8. Committee – Think “com mit tee” to remind you of its spelling correctly, just like accommodate!

9. Camouflage – Connect it with a similar-sounding term: cam era plus ouflage.

10. Conscientious – Associate it with having a big conscience that needs a science class.

11. Definite(ly) – Remember that there’s no A in definite(ly) by thinking only ‘infinite.’

12. Embarrass (ment)– Keep in mind two R’s and two S’s with the trick phrase, “Em-bear-ass.”

13-Encoding-En coding is based on codes!

14-Guarantee-To remember-The judge always guarantees you the gaurd

15-Inadvertently-for memorisation,Replace word with prefixes In – not, ad – to, vert – turn!

16-judgment-associate with court trials.Remember: no e’s after judg (judgment)

17-Laboratory-Remember that it originates from labor (work) and then ends with a story!

18-Maneuver-the word is made of man+ owing + er

19-Necessary-The mnemonic “one coffee, two sugars” (one C and two S’s) can help.

20-Novice: for memorization- New Office!

21-Occasionally-The word has two “C’s” and then follows up with one S for each of the other double consonants.

22-Pageant-Mnemonic: Page Ant! We connect them to recall the correct spelling.

23-Poisonous: Keep in mind that poison always starts with “poi” and ends with “son!”

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