8 DIY Activities to Teach Kids About Germs

Teaching kids about germs and the importance of hygiene can be a fun and interactive experience. Here are 8 DIY activities that you can do with kids to help them understand the concept of germs and how to prevent the spread of illness:

  1. Glitter Germ: Sprinkle some glitter on your child’s hands and ask them to shake hands with their friends. Show them how the glitter transfers from one hand to another, representing how germs spread. Then, ask them to wash their hands and observe how the glitter is removed.
  1. Handwashing Experiment: Fill a bowl with water and add a few drops of food coloring to represent germs. Ask your child to dip their hands in the bowl and notice how the water changes color. Then, guide them through the proper handwashing technique and let them see how the water becomes clear again.
  1. Soap Sculptures: Encourage your child to create sculptures out of soap bars. Talk about how soap helps to remove germs from their hands when they wash them. This hands-on activity makes learning about hand hygiene more engaging and creative.
  1. Germy Object Hunt: Hide small objects around the house that could potentially be germy, such as toys or doorknobs. Give your child a magnifying glass and ask them to find the hidden “germs.” Once they find them, discuss how these objects can easily spread germs and the importance of regular cleaning.
  1. Bread Experiment: Grab a few slices of bread and let your child touch them with dirty hands. Seal each slice in a plastic bag and place them in different locations, such as the bathroom or kitchen. After a few days, observe how mold grows on the bread and explain how germs can thrive in unclean environments.
  1. Wiping Away Germs: Provide your child with a wet wipe or a damp cloth. Ask them to wipe down different surfaces that are frequently touched, such as light switches or remote controls. Discuss how proper cleaning can help eliminate germs from these commonly touched areas.
  1. Germ Buster Dance: Turn on some music and encourage your child to dance around the room while pretending to “bust” germs. This activity not only promotes physical activity but also reinforces the idea of actively fighting off germs through movement and hygiene practices.
  1. Storytime: Read books that focus on germs, hygiene, and handwashing. Some recommended titles include “Germs Make Me Sick!” by Melvin Berger and “Wash Your Hands!” by Tony Ross. Discuss the key messages from the books and encourage your child to ask questions or share their thoughts.

These DIY activities will not only teach kids about germs but also foster good hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Have fun and enjoy the learning process together!

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