8 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Memory Power

Are you looking for strategies to improve your child’s memory power? If so, keep reading.

  1. Get the student to highlight or summarize information that should be remembered.
  2. Get the student to repeat to themselves info just heard to help remember the information.
  3. Make sure the student is not required to learn more information than they are capable of learning at any time.
  4. Make sure the student has sufficient chances for the repetition of information through various experiences to enable memory.
  5. Draft an agreement with the student stipulating what behavior is required (e.g., following one-step instructions, two-step instructions, etc.) and which reinforcement will be implemented when the agreement has been met.
  6. Praise the student for demonstrating short-term or long-term memory skills based on the duration of time the student can be successful. As the student shows success, slowly increase the duration of time required for reinforcement.
  7. Praise the student for demonstrating short-term or long-term memory skills: (a) give the student a concrete reward (e.g., privileges, line leading, passing out learning materials, 10 minutes of free time, etc.), or (b) give the student an informal reward (e.g., praise, handshake, smile, etc.).
  8. Consider using an education app to help the student enhance their memory. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.
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