Bitmoji Lockers Are the New Bitmoji Classrooms—and a Great Icebreaker for Students!


In recent years, technology has greatly impacted the education system, leading to the emergence of new and innovative ways to engage students. One of these exciting developments is the use of Bitmoji Lockers in the virtual learning space. These virtual lockers have taken over from Bitmoji Classrooms as an entertaining and useful tool in keeping students engaged, functioning as an excellent icebreaker for both teachers and students.

What are Bitmoji Lockers?

Bitmoji Lockers are virtual representations of a student’s locker, which can be customized with various items, decorations, and their personal Bitmoji avatar. They serve as a platform for students to express themselves creatively while fostering a sense of belonging within the online community. Similar to Bitmoji Classrooms that were widely used during remote learning, these lockers help bridge the gap between traditional and virtual schooling.

Why are Bitmoji Lockers effective icebreakers?

1. Personalization: Bitmoji Lockers allow students to showcase their interests, hobbies, and personalities by selecting different items and designs. This personal touch helps break down barriers between students, encouraging them to engage in conversations about their shared interests or unique choices.

2. Simplicity: Creating a Bitmoji Locker is easy and accessible for both teachers and students. With user-friendly platforms such as Google Slides or PowerPoint at their disposal, they simply need to insert images and props onto their locker’s background.

3. Creativity: Designing a virtual locker provides an opportunity for students to unleash their creativity without any physical limitations.

4. Interaction: With interactive elements like Zoom or Google Meet interactions built into the lockers’ designs, Bitmoji Lockers help foster real-time communication in a fun manner between students or student-teacher pairs.

5. Community Building: As every student contributes their Bitmoji Locker to a shared virtual space, the sense of belonging to a community is strengthened, diminishing the social distance often felt in online environments.

Best Practices for Creating Bitmoji Lockers:

1. First, choose a suitable platform for your locker, such as Google Slides or PowerPoint. Begin with a basic background template before layering on any personalized elements and your Bitmoji avatar.

2. Use clear photographs or illustrations to represent personal items. Keep in mind that these objects should be school appropriate and reflect each student’s genuine interests.

3. Integrate interactive elements such as Zoom or Google Meet links, encouraging real-time communication within the class.

4. Ensure that privacy settings are enabled when sharing lockers with the class to prevent unauthorized access.

5. Finally, foster engagement and discussion by setting aside time for students to showcase their lockers and share details about their chosen items.


With students around the globe adapting to new learning formats, tools like Bitmoji Lockers help bridge the gap between traditional physical classrooms and online learning spaces. As an engaging icebreaker for students, these easily customizable lockers create a sense of community while enabling teachers to learn more about their students through personal expression and interaction.

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