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Cash Awards and Scholarships for High School Singers


The world of music is full of promising talent, and every year high school singers compete for prestigious scholarships and cash awards to pursue their dreams. It is essential to be aware of the available opportunities that can alleviate the financial burden of education and training while also recognizing budding singers’ achievements. In this article, we will explore some noteworthy cash awards and scholarships that high school singers can apply for to continue their musical journey.

1. The National YoungArts Foundation Competition:

The National YoungArts Foundation is a renowned organization supporting young artists in various disciplines, including singing. High school singers between 15-18 years old can apply for this yearly competition to receive cash awards of up to $10,000, as well as valuable experiences like artist residencies, classes, and workshops.

2. Schmidt Vocal Arts Scholarship Program:

The Schmidt Vocal Arts Scholarship Program offers high school singers in grades 9-12 the chance to win scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $8,000 based on their vocal performances. As an added benefit, winners also receive a full-tuition scholarship offer from any partner institution within the Schmidt Vocal Arts Network.

3. Spotlight Awards Program:

The Spotlight Awards Program is presented by the Music Center in Los Angeles and provides finalists with performance opportunities on LA’s premiere stages and over $120,000 in stipends to support their continued artistic pursuits.

4. The VSA Young Soloists Award:

Provided by the Kennedy Center Office of VSA and Accessibility, this award recognizes outstanding young musicians with disabilities, including vocalists. Winners are awarded up to $2,500 in cash prizes along with performance opportunities at Kennedy Center events.

5. The NATS Student Auditions:

The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) hosts an annual Student Auditions competition where students compete at regional and national levels for cash prizes from $500 to $1,000. The awards are designed to support music education and professional development.


Pursuing a career in singing can be both fulfilling and challenging, especially as aspiring singers must invest time, effort, and resources into their craft. Thankfully, various organizations recognize the importance of supporting young talent through cash awards and scholarships. As a high school singer looking for financial aid or recognition, make sure to research and apply to the opportunities mentioned above and others that fit your specific needs and aspirations.

7 Notebooks For College Students To Plan Out Their Semesters

As the new semester rolls around, it’s crucial for college students to stay organized and manage their time effectively. A good notebook can be a lifesaver when it comes to handling tasks, taking lecture notes, and keeping track of deadlines. Here are seven notebooks perfect for helping college students plan out their semesters:

1. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskine’s Classic Notebook is a popular choice among college students for its sleek design and high-quality paper. With a durable cover available in various colors, this hardcover notebook features an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket. Its dotted grid or lined pages make it ideal for mapping out schedules, taking notes, and setting goals for the semester.

2. Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks are known for their exceptional quality and variety of page layouts. The A5 size offers plenty of space to organize your semester plans with 249 numbered pages, a customizable table of contents, and stickers for easy labeling. Choose from blank, ruled, dotted, or squared pages in a range of bold cover colors.

3. Clever Fox Planner

The Clever Fox Planner strikes the perfect balance between functionality and personalization. With sections dedicated to goal-setting, habit tracking, daily schedules, and reflection, this planner helps you stay motivated throughout the semester while maintaining focus on your academic goals.

4. Rhodia Webnotebook

If you’re tired of ink seeping through pages when taking notes in class or jotting down important dates, the Rhodia Webnotebook is the perfect solution. With 90gsm acid-free ivory paper that’s both fountain pen friendly and prevents ink from bleeding through pages, this notebook is both stylish and practical.

5. Passion Planner Academic

The Passion Planner Academic is specifically designed for college students that require time management assistance. With weekly layouts and built-in to-do lists, it’s easy to track progress towards your goals. Plus, the monthly reflection section encourages mindfulness and highlights achievements.

6. Scribbles That Matter – A5 Dotted Journal

For those who appreciate a personalized touch, this A5 journal offers thick 160gsm paper that allows creativity in bullet journaling without worrying about ghosting or bleed-through. It also features a convenient pen loop, two ribbons, and four vivid colors to choose from.

7. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

For the tech-savvy student, the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook combines traditional handwriting comforts with digital convenience. By using the Pilot FriXion pen, you can take notes in the notebook and then upload them to your favorite cloud service for easy access later. Once it’s filled, simply microwave the notebook to erase the ink and start over.

In conclusion, having a quality notebook is essential for college students who want to effectively plan their semesters and stay on track with their goals. With options like these seven notebooks that cater to various preferences and needs, there’s no reason not to invest in an organizational tool that makes your college experience smoother and more successful.

16 Best Extracurricular Activities for College-Ready Teens

As the college application season approaches, students need more than just good grades to stand out from the crowd. Engaging in meaningful extracurricular activities is a great way for college-ready teens to develop skills, grow their interests and make an impact beyond the walls of their high school. In this article, we will explore 16 outstanding extracurricular activities that can help teens prepare for their college journey.

1. Debate Club

Participating in a debate club helps hone public speaking, research, and critical thinking skills – all essential for college success.

2. Robotics Team

Joining a robotics team encourages teamwork, innovation, and problem-solving while allowing students to explore STEM-related fields.

3. School Newspaper or Yearbook

Being part of a school publication offers writing experience, networking opportunities, and public relations skills.

4. Sports Teams

Playing sports teaches discipline, communication, and teamwork – valuable qualities for college life and beyond.

5. Student Government

Involvement in student government promotes leadership development, organizational skills, and civic responsibility.

6. Theater or Drama Club

Theater buffs can improve their communication and presentation skills while exploring their creative side through performances and technical production roles.

7. Volunteering or Community Service

Regular volunteer work demonstrates commitment to one’s community and helps develop strong interpersonal skills.

8. Foreign Language Clubs

Participating in foreign language clubs builds global awareness and fluency while enhancing communication abilities.

9. Environmental/Green Club

Joining an environmental club is perfect for those passionate about sustainability as it fosters ecological consciousness and activism skills.

10. Tutoring or Peer Mentoring

Helping fellow students excel academically not only benefits the community but also improves communication and leadership abilities.

11. Mock Trial Team

Being part of a mock trial team develops persuasive speaking techniques while familiarizing students with legal concepts and the judicial process.

12. Science Olympiad

Competing in the Science Olympiad engages students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content while fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills.

13. Chess Club

Participation in chess club cultivates strategic thinking, concentration, and analytical skills.

14. Art Club or National Art Honor Society

Joining an art club or pursuing membership in the National Art Honor Society allows students to express their creativity while developing various artistic and design skills.

15. Model United Nations (MUN)

Participating in MUN exposes students to international politics and diplomacy, honing their negotiation, collaboration, and public speaking abilities.

16. Music or Choir Ensembles

Being part of a musical group enables personal expression, enhances musical talents, and promotes teamwork among members.

In conclusion, when choosing the best extracurricular activities for college-ready teens, it is essential to consider those that resonate with individual passions and interests while building valuable skills for success in college and beyond. By dedicating time to such enriching experiences, students will not only enrich their high school years but also set themselves apart when it comes time to apply for college.

5 Tips for Helping Students Understand Their College Funding Options

As the cost of higher education continues to rise, understanding the different college funding options is crucial for students. Navigating the complex world of financial aid, grants, loans, and scholarships can seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential for students to be well-informed about their options to make the best decision possible. Here are five tips for helping students understand their college funding options.

1. Understand the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a critical aspect of college funding. It determines a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid, including grants, work-study programs, and low-interest loans. Early filing and meeting deadlines are crucial in receiving adequate financial assistance. Encourage students to fill out and submit their FAFSA as soon as possible to maximize their chances of being awarded need-based aid.

2. Research Scholarships

Scholarships come from various sources such as colleges, non-profit organizations, private companies, and individuals offering merit-based or need-based financial support for education. Remind your students that there are numerous scholarships available that cater to diverse criteria such as academic achievements, community service involvement, athletic talent, or cultural background. Advise them to research both national and local scholarship opportunities regularly and apply to those they are eligible for.

3.Charismatic writing Skills For Essays 

In many cases, students will have to write an essay when applying for a scholarship or grant. Encourage your students to polish their writing skills by proofreading their application essays and providing constructive feedback on how they can improve. Developing strong writing skills will not only increase their chances of securing funding but also help them excel in academics.

4 . Explore Work-Study Programs

Work-study programs provide part-time employment opportunities for students with demonstrated financial need. These programs allow students to earn money that goes towards paying their educational expenses while gaining valuable job experience. Encourage your students to explore work-study opportunities on their campuses, as they can offer a practical way to offset college expenses and build their resume.

5. Consider Federal Loans

Students should consider federal student loans, such as Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loans, when seeking college funding. These loans often have lower interest rates and offer more flexible repayment options than private loans. However, students need to be aware of the repayment obligations and explore loan forgiveness options when applicable.

By considering these five helpful tips, you empower your students to make informed decisions about their college funding options. The more familiar they are with these resources, the more likely they will find the right financial solution to make their higher education dreams a reality.

Teacher Giveaway: Win the Ultimate SAT/ACT Prep Survival Kit


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What is the Ultimate SAT/ACT Prep Survival Kit?

The Ultimate SAT/ACT Prep Survival Kit is a comprehensive collection of study materials, educational resources, and expert guidance designed to help students excel in their standardized tests. It includes engaging video lessons, practice questions, test-taking strategies, progress tracking tools, and personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced tutors.

Why is it important?

These standardized tests play a significant role in college admissions, and having access to the right resources can heavily determine a student’s success. The Ultimate SAT/ACT Prep Survival Kit empowers you as an educator to provide your students with a unique educational experience tailored to boost their scores.

What’s inside?

The prep kit features:

1. High-quality video lessons that cover all topics tested on the SATs/ACTs

2. Interactive online practice questions

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8. Progress tracking tools to measure improvement over time

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Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to win the Ultimate SAT/ACT Prep Survival Kit Giveaway and significantly enhance your students’ academic performance. Be a part of this educational revolution and secure better futures for the next generation. Enter now, and good luck!

7 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect School (for You)

Choosing the right school can be a daunting task. Whether you are a student or a parent, finding the perfect educational institution to suit your needs and priorities is essential. Here are seven signs that you’ve found the perfect school for you:

1. Supportive Learning Environment:

A supportive and nurturing learning environment encourages students to develop their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and reach their full potential. In the perfect school, teachers are experienced, empathetic and dedicated to helping each student achieve academic success.

2. Diverse Curriculum:

An ideal school offers a curriculum that caters to every student’s passions, interests and goals. A diverse range of subjects, programs and extracurricular activities will provide opportunities for both personal and academic growth, ensuring that individuals can explore various disciplines and find their niche.

3. Strong Emphasis on Character Development:

The perfect school not only focuses on academics but also emphasizes character development and instills moral values in its students. This can be achieved through activities such as community service projects, sports teams and clubs that promote leadership skills, teamwork, and responsibility.

4. Committed and Passionate Faculty:

Having committed and passionate educators is crucial in setting the foundation for a successful learning experience. These teachers genuinely care about the welfare of their students and work tirelessly to ensure their development on an individual level.

5. Healthy School-Home Partnership:

Maintaining open communication with parents/guardians is essential to creating a thriving school community. The ideal school fosters this relationship by encouraging parental involvement in activities, such as parent-teacher conferences, creating a transparent atmosphere between the institution, students, and families.

6. Sense of Belonging:

Feeling welcomed and accepted at your school plays a significant role in your overall happiness and success during your years there. A perfect school fosters an inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds feel supported while they form long-lasting friendships.

7. Consistent Evidence of Success:

Lastly, the ultimate sign of a perfect school lies in its consistent evidence of success. This can be measured through student achievements in academics, extracurriculars, college admissions, and job placements after graduation. A proven track record will provide confidence that the school’s approach is benefitting its students.

In conclusion, finding the perfect school is an important decision that significantly contributes to your academic and personal growth. Keep these seven signs in mind as you evaluate potential schools to help you make a more informed choice. Ultimately, the ideal school should empower you to develop both your intellectual and character skills and prepare you for future endeavors.

How to Make Your College Application Stand Out

Applying for college is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, with numerous factors contributing to the acceptance or rejection of your application. The key to success lies in making your college application stand out from the rest. In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies to help you achieve just that.

1. Craft a Compelling Personal Statement

The personal statement is your chance to showcase your personality, experiences, and aspirations. It gives the admissions board a glimpse into who you are beyond your grades and test scores. Make sure to write a well-structured essay that paints a vivid picture of your journey and what led you to choose your desired course of study.

2. Highlight Your Extracurricular Activities

A diverse range of extracurricular activities demonstrates that you are an engaged individual, eager to learn and grow beyond the classroom setting. Mention any clubs, sports teams, or volunteer opportunities you have participated in throughout high school that have allowed you to develop valuable skills and make an impact on your community.

3. Showcase Academic Excellence

While it’s essential not to solely rely on grades, they do hold significance when applying for colleges. To stand out among applicants with similar academic records, consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses or attending summer programs related to your field of interest. This will further demonstrate your passion for learning and commitment to academic success.

4. Obtain Strong Letters of Recommendation

Select teachers or mentors who know you well enough to provide genuine insight into your character, aspirations, and achievements. A well-crafted letter of recommendation can boost the impact of your application by adding credibility to the claims made in your personal statement and resume.

5. Emphasize Leadership Skills

Colleges are looking for individuals who can lead their peers while navigating new challenges. Don’t hesitate to include instances where you held leadership positions or demonstrated resilience in overcoming adversity.

6. Prepare a Standout Resume

A well-organized resume is an excellent tool for presenting your achievements and experiences in a clear, concise manner. Make sure to proofread your resume and ask your peers or mentors to review it for feedback.

7. Apply Early Decision or Early Action

Applying either Early Decision (binding) or Early Action (non-binding) can significantly increase the likelihood of acceptance, as it demonstrates a strong interest in the institution and commitment to attend if admitted.

8. Conduct Thorough Research on Your Prospective Colleges

Understanding what each college you apply to looks for in their applicants will allow you to tailor your application accordingly. Spend time researching the institution’s culture, values, and expectations to make your application better resonate with the admissions board.

9. Interview Preparation

Some colleges offer optional interviews as part of the application process. This is another opportunity to make an impression on the admissions officers and provide additional insight into who you are. Prepare by practicing with friends or family members, and don’t forget to showcase your enthusiasm for the college.

10. Show Your Authentic Self

Throughout your application, stay true to who you are. Avoid exaggerating your accomplishments or constructing an image that doesn’t represent your genuine self. Admissions officers are skilled in identifying authentic candidates, and faking it will likely hurt rather than help your chances.

In conclusion, making your college application stand out comes down to showcasing your unique attributes, experiences, and passions with honesty and enthusiasm. By following these tips, you’ll give yourself the best possible shot at securing a place in the college of your dreams!