School Tiktok Challenges Kids Doing

The rise of TikTok as a leading social media platform has seen the proliferation of various online trends and challenges, many of which are embraced by kids and teenagers. School TikTok challenges are particularly trendy, often capturing the adventurous and sometimes rebellious spirit that thrives within school hallways. However, not all challenges are created equal—some promote creativity and community, while others can veer into risky territory.

One notable positive challenge is the `StudyWithMe` trend, where students film themselves studying or working on homework assignments. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and motivation among students who might otherwise feel isolated in their academic endeavors. It’s an excellent example of peer support in the digital age.

Dance challenges like `BlindingLightsChallenge` and `Renegade’ have also taken schools by storm, with students learning choreographed moves and performing them during breaks or at school events. These activities can encourage physical activity and provide a healthy outlet for self-expression.

However, where there’s light, there’s also shadow. Some school TikTok challenges present significant safety concerns. The `SkullBreakerChallenge`, for instance—where two people kick the legs out from under a third, causing them to fall—has led to injuries. Educational institutions and parents alike have had to stay vigilant about such trends.

Another concerning challenge was the `DeviousLicksChallenge`, in which kids filmed themselves stealing or vandalizing school property. Given its negative implications, TikTok has taken steps to remove videos related to this challenge from its platform.

The role of educators in navigating these trends is critical. By staying informed and setting clear guidelines on appropriate conduct, educators can harness the positive aspects of these challenges for instructional purposes while mitigating risks.

In conclusion, School TikTok challenges embody a modern-day outlet for student creativity, community-building, and occasionally risk-taking behavior that can lead to safety concerns. Understanding their complex nature is crucial for creating a balanced environment where fun coexists with responsibility.

Auslan Videos for the Classroom

In the diverse classroom of today, educators are constantly on the lookout for tools and resources that can bridge communication gaps and foster an inclusive environment. This is where Australian Sign Language (Auslan) comes into play. It is not just a language for the deaf or hard of hearing; it is a fantastic vehicle for enhancing communication in all classrooms. And now, thanks to Teach Starter, incorporating Auslan into daily classroom activities has never been easier.

Teach Starter, a renowned platform for educational resources, has created a treasure trove for teachers wanting to introduce their students to Auslan – with engaging Auslan videos tailored for the classroom setting. These videos are thoughtfully created to guide teachers through the basics of sign language, empowering them to pass on this valuable skill to their students.

Auslan provides a visual way to reinforce learning, support non-verbal communication, and engage kinesthetic learners who benefit from movement-based activities. Moreover, it encourages empathy and understanding by teaching students about deaf culture and how to communicate with deaf peers.

These classroom-friendly Auslan videos by Teach Starter cover a variety of topics suitable for daily classroom use—from greetings and colors to animals and days of the week. By seamlessly integrating these videos into their lessons, educators promote inclusivity while also making learning fun and interactive.

The multimedia format of these resources makes them accessible and easy to integrate into existing curricula. With clear visuals and precise demonstrations, each video ensures that both teachers and students alike can grasp the intricacies of Auslan signs without prior knowledge.

In summary, Teach Starter’s collection of Auslan videos for the classroom represents more than just a teaching aid—it’s a step forward in creating an inclusive society starting from our schools. It serves as an exemplary model of how educational resources can cater to diverse needs while enriching teaching methodologies. In that sense, Teach Starter is not just facilitating communication; it’s helping shape compassionate future citizens equipped with an understanding of multiple languages and modalities of expression.

Flower Breathing Video

In recent years, the concept of Flower Breathing has bloomed within the wellness community, captivating individuals seeking serenity and a unique method to enhance their relaxation practices. This fascinating technique merges the soothing essence of nature with focused breathing patterns, designed to foster deep relaxation and peace of mind. With the surge in its popularity, Flower Breathing videos have become a sought-after resource for those striving to incorporate this technique into their daily routines. In this article, we explore what Flower Breathing is, its potential benefits, and why Flower Breathing videos might just be the next addition to your self-care arsenal.

Flower Breathing is inspired by the inherent tranquility one feels when surrounded by florals. The idea is simple yet profound – envisioning the bloom and withering of a flower in conjunction with one’s breath. By visualizing the rhythmic opening and closing of petals as you inhale and exhale, you sync your breathing with this natural cycle, aiming to achieve a state of calm as delicate as the subject of your meditation.

The potential benefits of Flower Breathing are multiple. First and foremost, it encourages mindfulness, compelling practitioners to dwell in the present moment. With each breath representing a petal’s movement, your attention is drawn away from everyday stresses and aligned with the gentle rhythm of nature’s own pace.

Secondly, it can improve breathing efficiency. By focusing on controlling your breaths, you become more adept at taking fuller, deeper breaths which can lead to better oxygenation of your body’s cells and potentially an enhanced sense of vitality.

Lastly, adherents often report increased emotional well-being. The act of meditating on something as universally symbolic as a flower can evoke feelings of joy, gratitude, and contentment that may translate into a more positive outlook on life.

Flower Breathing videos serve as an excellent guide for those new to this practice. These videos typically provide viewers with serene imagery of flowers accompanied by guided instructions on how to pace their breathing. Many find that these visual aids help solidify the technique’s concepts in their minds, making practice more effective.

A standard video might go something like this: You are greeted with a close-up shot of a vibrant flower bathed in soft light. A calm voice instructs you to breathe in deeply as the flower onscreen blooms spectacularly; then slowly exhale as it gracefully closes its petals once again. This process is repeated several times over with various floral visuals and perhaps calming background music or natural sounds enhancing the experience.

In conclusion, Flower Breathing is not just another passing fad in the vast world of meditation techniques; it has authentically struck a chord with many who desire an imaginative way to unwind and reconnect with nature’s soothing rhythms. As such, Flower Breathing videos are becoming increasingly popular tools for facilitating this practice at home. For anyone looking to enrich their relaxation routine or simply try something new and grounding, giving Flower Breathing a chance could blossom into an invaluable part of your self-care regimen.

30 Division Games, Videos, and Activities for Kids


To develop fundamental math skills, it’s important for kids to learn about division. It’s a key mathematical operation that teaches students how to share and distribute resources equally. Making division entertaining and engaging will help kids grasp the concept more effectively. Here are 30 division games, videos, and activities that will make learning division exciting and enjoyable for your child.


1. Division Derby – Hone your child’s division skills with this thrilling horse race game.

2. Math Monster Division – Test their prowess against challenging math monsters.

3. Math Ninja – Divide sushi dishes stealthily in this undercover ninja game.

4. Demolition Division – Learn division while demolishing virtual buildings.

5. Swimming Otters: Race to learn basic division facts in this fun water-themed game.

6. Space Race Division – Venture into space while practicing essential division equations.

7. Penguin Jump Multiplication – Help penguins leap to new heights using solid division skills.

8. Math Playground’s Division Connect Four – Use strategic thinking to master this classic game with a twist.


9. MathsRockx Long Division Songs – Sing-along songs for learning long division.

10. Numberock’s “Step-by-step Division Rap” – Dance and rap while mastering basic divisions!

11. TED-Ed: The History of Zero explained through animation.

12. Khan Academy: Introduction to Long Division instructional video.


13. Division Bingo – Practice recognizing quotients by playing bingo with classmates or family members.

14. Legos and Arrays – Build divisions using Lego blocks as manipulatives.

15. Cupcake Party Divide – Use cupcakes to hold a themed party and teach sharing, based on the number of kids invited!

16. Candy Jar Evening Divide evenly with friends and discuss the psychology of sharing equally.

17. DIY Division Wheel – Create a customized wheel to help kids visualize different equations.

18. Division Checkers – Blend division with problem-solving to win a game of custom checkers.

19. Grocery Shopping Divide – Pick items and divide them into equal portions for family members as you shop.

20. Math War – Battle it out using division cards in this modified card game.

21. Dividing Trail Mix Snacks – Measure and divide different snacks for a healthy exercise in portion control

22. Rainy Day Division Hopscotch – Design an indoor hopscotch with chalk, using divisions to mark the squares.


23. SplashLearn – A comprehensive app to teach various math problems, including division.

24. Sushi Monster – Make sushi meals while mastering speedy arithmetic, including division.

25. Bedtime Math – A useful bedtime companion for parents to review math with their kids.

26. Reflex Student App – A visually engaging app that focuses on developing fast thinking math skills.


27. Homeschool Math: Free printable worksheets for various levels of proficiency.

28. Customize and print out your own set of specific division worksheets.

29. Super Teacher Worksheets: Membership-based resource for a wide range of activity sheets

30. Download their selection of fun and engaging division worksheets.


By incorporating these 30 games, videos, and activities into your child’s learning routine, you’ll be providing them with the tools they need to excel in division. Make math an enjoyable experience by making it interactive and fun – helping your child become a more successful and confident student overall!

30 of The Best Youtube Channels for Learning

Learning has never been more accessible and enjoyable thanks to the internet, and YouTube offers a treasure trove of educational content. With countless channels dedicated to various topics, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the best YouTube channels for learning across various subjects.

1. Khan Academy – An extensive library of free video lessons on math, science, economics, computing, and more.

2. TED-Ed – Educational animation videos exploring a wide range of subjects, with collaboration from teachers and experts.

3. Crash Course – Bite-sized lessons covering history, science, literature, philosophy, and other subjects.

4. Veritasium – Fascinating videos on science, engineering, and physics presented in an engaging manner.

5. MinutePhysics – Quick physics lessons using fun animations and simple explanations.

6. VSauce – Michael Stevens delves into questions about the world around us from science to philosophy.

7. The School of Life – Philosophical content exploring emotional intelligence, relationships, work-life balance, and more.

8. CGP Grey – A mix of educational content focusing on politics, geography, history, and science.

9. SmarterEveryDay – Destin explores various subjects in a fun and insightful way using everyday life as a basis for learning.

10. SciShow – Entertaining videos discussing scientific topics and answering scientific questions.

11. Numberphile – Videos all about numbers and mathematics for both beginners and advanced learners.

12. MIT OpenCourseWare – Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s lectures on engineering, technology, mathematics, and more.

13. AsapSCIENCE – Fun animations providing quick overviews of complex science topics.

14. 3Blue1Brown – Engaging visualizations on different mathematical concepts.

15. National Geographic – Amazing wildlife documentaries exploring our planet’s rich biodiversity.

16. Google Talks – Thought-provoking presentations from various guest speakers on a variety of topics.

17. YaleCourses – Lectures from Yale University covering the arts, history, mathematics, and more.

18. Physics Girl – Dianna Cowern’s explanations of physics principles through demonstrations and experiments.

19. The Art Assignment – A PBS Digital Studio channel exploring art and art history with host Sarah Urist Green.

20. Harvard Business Review – Expert insights on business, leadership, management, and innovation.

21. How To Adult – Useful advice on adulting and personal growth topics such as money management, healthcare, and more.

22. Encyclopedia Britannica – The iconic brand covers history, literature, geography, and other educational subjects in short videos.

23. TEDx Talks – Thought-provoking speeches from individuals sharing their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics.

24. LanguageTransfer – Learn new languages for free with the unique Language Transfer Method approach.

25. In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt: High-quality animations explaining complex scientific ideas in an approachable way.

26. Mental Floss – Fun facts, trivia questions, misconceptions, and interesting information about various subjects.

27. Every Frame a Painting – Cinematic analyses of movies to better understand film techniques and storytelling through visuals.

28. BBC Earth – Nature documentaries showcasing the beauty of our planet’s wildlife and ecosystems.

29. Vsauce 2 & BabySci – Entertaining channels on science statistics with a mix of fascinating videos across various subjects.

30. WonderWhy – Insightful discussions analyzing geographical features using intriguing graphics.

These 30 YouTube channels offer hours of captivating content to satisfy your thirst for knowledge across a wide range of subjects. So grab your device, plug in your headphones or earbuds, and immerse yourself into the world of learning at your fingertips!

9 Awesome School Flash Mob Videos That Will Make You Smile

Flash mobs have taken the world by storm, demonstrating that even in our busy lives, we can find time to come together and celebrate life’s most treasured moments. Educational institutions all over the globe have witnessed some of the most amazing flash mobs leaving onlookers in awe. Here’s a countdown of 9 awesome school flash mob videos that will make you smile:

1. Ohio State University’s “Don’t Stop Believing”

During a break at Ohio State University, students came together to create a flash mob performance to Journey’s famous hit, “Don’t Stop Believing.” The student body in unison belting out this classic tune is something that must be seen.

2. UC Berkley’s “Roll Call”

UC Berkley organized an extraordinary roll call – instead of shouting out names, each student joined in for an impromptu dance session. This vibrant and energetic performance gave everyone a reason to celebrate their unity.

3. Vlerick Business School’s “Harlem Shake”

This Belgian business school put a unique twist on the viral Harlem Shake trend as students and faculty members joined together in quirky costumes with contagious energy – showing that higher learning can be fun!

4. Marymount Manhattan College’s “Thriller”

A group of students at Marymount Manhattan College put their dancing skills on display as they performed Michael Jackson’s iconic thriller. With perfect timing and coordination, they gave a chilling yet enjoyable experience.

5. McMaster University’s “Call Me Maybe”

McMaster University in Canada had its very own Carly Rae Jepsen flash mob experience when students sang, danced and made hand gestures to the popular tune “Call Me Maybe.” Their collective energy was enough for everyone to join in.

6. Loyola University’s “Uptown Funk”

Loyola University brought out all stops when they organized a riveting performance of Bruno Mars’ hit, “Uptown Funk.” With a synchronized dance routine and infectious energy, they captivated the audience at their outdoor venue.

7. The Wartburg Choir’s “Les Misérables”

The Wartburg Choir put on an incredible flash mob performance, surprising onlookers with their theatrical rendition of Les Misérables. This heartwarming display showcased not only their vocal talents but also their dedication to the performing arts.

8. University of Texas’ “Footloose”

Flash mob dancers at the University of Texas took viewers on a trip down memory lane when they kicked off their heels and danced to Kenny Loggins’ classic “Footloose.” This vibrant 80s rendition had the whole campus joining the fun.

9. Cornell University’s “Random Acts of Art”

Cornell University showed off its commitment to the art community when students organized a flash mob performance that spanned multiple genres – from singing and dancing to live painting. The collective effort showcased students’ artistic passions and united a truly diverse group.

These school flash mob videos prove that creativity knows no boundaries when it comes to celebrating the vibrant spirit of student life. Each performance brings a fresh burst of energy, leaving behind smiling faces and beautiful memories.

12 Inspiring Videos Perfect For Your Next School Staff Meeting


In today’s fast-paced educational environment, finding time for professional development and team building can be challenging. That’s why school staff meetings are an excellent opportunity to refresh, engage and motivate your faculty members. In this article, we present 12 inspiring videos that can help spark positive energy and discussions at your next school staff meeting.

1. “The Science of Cells That Never Get Old” by Elizabeth Blackburn

This TED talk presents the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for educators while discussing science breakthroughs that help individuals stay youthful and healthy – an excellent reminder for all staff members to look after themselves.

2. “Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future” by Joe Ruhl

Joe Ruhl shares innovative teaching methods and strategies to engage students in more collaborative and nurturing learning environments – perfect to inspire educators in their daily work.

3. “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brené Brown

This popular TED talk will encourage staff members to approach challenges with vulnerability, fostering a supportive community among faculty members.

4. “Every Kid Needs a Champion” by Rita Pierson

An inspiring talk by educator Rita Pierson, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with students to drive success and growth in the classroom.

5. “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Encourage a conversation about open-mindedness, diversity, and inclusivity with this thought-provoking TED talk that addresses biases in education and society as a whole.

6. “The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers” by Adam Grant

Inspire faculty members to embrace creative thinking and nurture the same in their students with this entertaining TED talk by organizational psychologist, Adam Grant.

7. “What Makes a Good Teacher Great?” by Azul Terronez

Dive into the qualities that make great teachers as Azul Terronez presents the findings from his research, sparking a constructive conversation on educational practices.

8. “Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” by Emilie Wapnick

This TED talk challenges the traditional concept of having only one true passion, making educators re-evaluate how they can nurture multiple interests in their students.

9. “The Power of Believing You Can Improve” by Carol Dweck

Introduce the concept of growth mindset and empower faculty members to foster a similar outlook in their students with this inspiring talk.

10. “The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding” by John Wooden

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden delivers a moving speech about the true meaning of success, helping educators focus on what really matters – personal growth and development.

11. “Bring on the Learning Revolution!” by Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson outlines the need for a radical shift in educating future generations, igniting conversations about transforming our schools and classrooms.

12. “Literature and Empathy” by Elif Shafak

Close your staff meeting with an insightful talk that presents how literature can foster empathy among students and promote deeper human connections across cultures.


Use these 12 inspiring videos to spark discussions, ideas, and motivation at your next staff meeting. Remember that fostering a healthy and supportive atmosphere is essential for shaping your educators into role models for future generations.

Let’s Make Some Great Videos!


In this digital era, creating captivating and engaging videos has become an essential skill for individuals, businesses, and brands alike. With the power to capture the attention of viewers worldwide, videos are a significant influencer in the communication landscape. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of making great videos, including planning your content, scriptwriting, shooting techniques, editing, and promoting your videos.

1. Planning Your Content:

Before jumping into making a video, it’s crucial to strategize and determine your primary purpose. Ask yourself these questions: What do I want to achieve with my video? Who is my target audience? What message am I trying to convey? By answering these questions, you can create a clear vision for your video project.

2. Scriptwriting:

To create compelling videos that engage viewers and communicate your message effectively, consider writing a script beforehand. A well-written script provides structure to your content and helps guide the direction of your video. Additionally, scripting allows you to hone your message and ensure it remains focused on your objectives.

3. Shooting Techniques:

When filming your video, apply various shooting techniques such as different angles, lighting techniques, and camera movements for a visually appealing experience. Experiment with close-ups or wide shots to capture the essence of specific moments in your video. Don’t shy away from using background music or relevant sound effects to enhance the overall video experience.

4. Editing:

After capturing all necessary footage for your video project, it’s time for editing – where the magic happens! In the editing phase, you can trim footage, arrange shots in a coherent sequence, add transitions and text overlays if needed. Use color grading tools to adjust colors for a professional look and maintain consistency throughout the video.

5. Promoting Your Videos:

Once you have crafted a fantastic video that captures your target audience’s attention effectively, it’s time to promote it! Share your videos on multiple social media platforms, embed them in blog posts, or showcase them on your website to reach a wider audience. Encourage viewers to engage and interact with your videos through comments and feedback.


Creating great videos is a multifaceted process that requires careful planning, compelling storytelling, technical skills, and marketing know-how. Follow the steps mentioned above to begin crafting captivating videos that resonate with your target audience and capture their attention. So grab your camera, muster your creativity, and let’s make some great videos!

5 Teacher Thank You Videos Guaranteed to Make You Cry Happy Tears


There is no doubt that teachers hold a special place in our hearts as they help in shaping our lives. Their dedication and hard work often go unnoticed. To express gratitude for their tireless efforts, various thank you videos have gone viral, leaving the viewers with happy tears. Here are five teacher thank you videos guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

1. End-of-Year Surprise:

A group of high school students came together to create a heartfelt video appreciating their favorite teacher, Mr. McLaughlin. Students share personal stories about how this incredible educator touched their lives and inspired them. The video ends with Mr. McLaughlin’s overwhelmingly emotional response as he hugs his students and thanks them for the surprise.


2. Opera Flash Mob:

In this unique gesture, an elementary school teacher is surprised by an opera flash mob organized by her students and their parents in a public park. As she blissfully listens to the operatic performance of ‘Ode to Joy,’ she becomes teary-eyed upon realizing that it is a tribute to her dedication and passion for teaching.


3. A Lifelong Impact:

In a touching video, former students reunite with their third-grade teacher after 30 years to thank her for the profound impact she had on their lives. The heartwarming trip down memory lane shows that good teachers leave a lasting impression on their students, shaping them into better individuals.


4. Unexpected Reunion:

This video captures an emotional moment when a kindergarten teacher receives an unexpected visit from her former student who is now graduating from high school. The student surprises his mentor with flowers and expresses his gratitude, thanking her for the impact she made on his life, from the very beginning of his educational journey.


5. Teacher Appreciation Flash Mob:

Over 100 students organized a surprise synchronized dance to express their gratitude towards their favorite teacher. Visibly overwhelmed with emotion as she watches the unique tribute from the sidelines, she later joins the dance along with other teachers and staff members from the school.



These inspiring thank you videos are a testament to the strong bonds formed between teachers and students, showing that even a small gesture of appreciation can mean the world to someone who has made a significant impact on our lives. So go ahead and express your gratitude to your favorite educators today!

15 Awesome Videos to Help Teach Students Contractions

Contractions are an essential part of the English language, but they can be a bit tricky for students to master. To help students grasp this grammatical concept, we’ve compiled a list of 15 fantastic educational videos that are both engaging and informative. These videos will not only teach students how to form contractions correctly, but also how to recognize and use them in their everyday communications.

1. “Contractions Grammar Lesson” by EnglishLessons4U

This comprehensive lesson goes over the basics of contractions and provides ample examples for student practice.

2. “Apostrophes & Contractions” by Flocabulary

This catchy and memorable rap introduces students to contractions in an entertaining way that’s hard to forget.

3. “Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar – Conjunction Junction Music Video” by Disney Educational Productions

A classic favorite, this fun video teaches contractions through music and unforgettable visuals.

4. “The Contraction Song” by Scratch Garden

This upbeat tune reviews common contractions and provides ample opportunities for students to sing along.

5. “Grammaropolis – Contractions!” by GrammaropolisOfficial

Follow Dr. Noize on his journey through Grammaropolis where he discovers various contractions in an amusing manner.

6. “Contractions Matching Game” by Have Fun Teaching

A useful resource for teachers, this interactive game reinforces contraction knowledge through hands-on practice.

7. “English Grammar for Kids: Contractions with Not” by Learning Planet

This age-appropriate video highlights negative contractions in an easy-to-understand manner.

8. “Contractions – English Songs for Kids” by LingoPie!

Featuring animated characters, this lively song engages kids while teaching the basics of contractions.

9. “Let’s Learn About Contractions!” by Annie and Jose have Fun Teaching

An appealing educational video that covers everything students need to know about contractions.

10. “The Contraction Action Song” by Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching

With repetitive lyrics and a catchy tune, this song will have kids learning contraction rules in no time.

11. “Katie’s Contractions” by Jack Hartmann Kids’ Music Channel

Using a story-telling format, this video incorporates a heartwarming tale with essential grammar concepts.

12. “Contractions with Animals” by Lindsay Elishia

A creative combination of animals and a sing-along style to teach different contractions to the little learners.

13. “Let’s Make Contractions!” by Teacher Toni

This interactive video lesson allows students to practice forming contractions in real-time with on-screen prompts.

14. “Read Aloud – A Contraction Story” by Mackenzie’s Reading Log

An engaging read-aloud that captures students’ interest while teaching them the importance of contractions in everyday language.

15. “Punctuation Explained (by Punctuation!)” by The Write Channel

Using friendly punctuation characters, this whimsical video teaches proper rules for contractions and other aspects of grammar.

In conclusion, these 15 videos offer engaging ways to teach students about contractions while making learning fun and memorable. By incorporating these educational videos into your lesson plan, you’ll be helping your students build a strong foundation in grammar that will serve them well throughout their education.