Charlottesville Curriculum Resources for Teachers


The city of Charlottesville is rich in historical and cultural significance. Teachers in the area have an important role to play in educating students about the complexities of its past and present. To support this mission, there is a plethora of resources available to help educators develop comprehensive and engaging lesson plans. In this article, we will explore some key resources for developing a well-rounded Charlottesville-centric curriculum.

1. Encyclopedia Virginia

Encyclopedia Virginia ( is an online, authoritative resource that provides a wealth of information on the history, culture, and geography of Virginia. Teachers can use this versatile tool to develop lesson plans around specific themes or events, such as the founding of Charlottesville, its role in the American Revolution, or its contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.

2. The University of Virginia’s Albert & Shirley Small Special Collections Library

Located on the University of Virginia campus, the Small Special Collections Library ( houses numerous primary sources such as maps, letters, photographs, and manuscripts that can provide valuable insights into Charlottesville’s past. By incorporating these materials into their lessons, teachers can offer students a firsthand account of historical events.

3. The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library System

The local library system ( offers various educational resources to support teachers in their effort to create engaging lesson plans. Besides traditional books about Charlottesville’s past, libraries also provide access to digital archives and other resources through their databases.

4. Monticello’s Digital Classroom Resources

Monticello (, the home of Thomas Jefferson and a World Heritage Site located just outside Charlottesville, offers digital resources for both educators and students. These include primary source materials, lesson plans, teaching guides, and interactive maps that can be integrated into the Charlottesville Curriculum.

5. The Virginia Museum of History & Culture’s Lesson Plans

The Virginia Museum of History & Culture ( offers a wide range of lesson plans, teacher guides, and educational resources focusing on state and Charlottesville history. Many of these materials are freely available online, making it easy for teachers to incorporate topics such as Native American history, colonial life, and the Civil War into their classroom.


Developing a well-rounded curriculum for students in Charlottesville can be an engaging and rewarding process. By tapping into rich resources available both online and in the local community, educators can craft lesson plans that foster deeper appreciation and understanding of this historically significant city. As teachers continue to seek out new ways to engage their students in meaningful ways, it is vital to consider the wealth of information at their fingertips in Charlottesville Curriculum Resources.

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