Check Out These 50 Fifth Grade Math Word Problems of the Day

Math word problems are an essential part of the curriculum in the fifth grade. They help students to improve their problem-solving skills and grasp critical mathematical concepts. Whether it’s fractions, decimals, or area and perimeter, these math word problems are designed to challenge and engage students in their mathematical journey.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 50 math word problems that cover a variety of topics suitable for fifth graders. Get your pencils ready and let’s dive in!

1. Tom has 25 books in his bookshelf. He wants to add more books so that he has twice as many books as he does now. How many books should he buy?

2. Linda bought six packs of cookies, each containing 18 cookies. She gave half of them to her friend Sarah. How many cookies does Linda have left?

3. Jenny practices piano for two hours each day, from Monday through Friday. How many hours does she practice during the week?

4. A train travels at a speed of 60 miles per hour for three hours. How far does it travel?

5. A pizza store sells two sizes of pizzas – small and large. The large pizza is twice the diameter of the small pizza. If the diameter of the small pizza is 9 inches, what is the diameter of the large pizza?

6. There were 80 people at Michael’s birthday party yesterday evening, but only 60 percent were wearing glasses. How many guests were not wearing glasses?

7. At school practice sessions, twenty basketballs are available to share among four teams practicing simultaneously on different courts. Each team gets an equal number of basketballs. How would you divide them amongst these teams?

8. Kevin saves $5 every week in his piggy bank starting from January 1st till December 31st (52 weeks). Gloria saves doubled savings but only half of the time (26 weeks). Compare their total savings in a year.

9. The length of a rectangular garden is sixteen meters, and the width is eight meters. Find out the area and perimeter of this garden.

10. A movie theater has 35 rows, and each row contains 20 seats. How many people can the theater accommodate?

11. Bobby bought a shirt on sale that was originally \$75 but was marked down by 40 percent. How much did he pay before tax?

12. Tina walked for five kilometers in one hour and twenty minutes; her walking speed was constant throughout the walk. Determine her walking speed in kilometers per hour.

13. These 50 math word problems will not only help students better understand important math concepts, but also boost their confidence in tackling any math problem they face in school or daily life. By practicing these puzzles regularly, your child will become prepared for the challenges and excitement offered by mathematical problem solving!

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