Check Out These 50 First-Grade Math Word Problems of the Day

Mathematics is an essential skill that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and logic in young minds. Engaging first graders with math word problems not only aids in reinforcing these critical skills but also makes learning more interesting and enjoyable. To help educators and parents, we have compiled a list of 50 first-grade math word problems of the day. Let’s dive in!

1. Emma has ten apples, and she gives four apples to Alice. How many apples does Emma have left?

2. Michael finds seven seashells on the beach and then discovers eight more. How many seashells does Michael have altogether?

3. Nora has four toy cars. Her friend Max gives her six more toy cars. How many toy cars does Nora have now?

4. There are five red balls and three blue balls in the toy box. How many balls are in the toy box altogether?

5. Jacob buys six pencils at the store. Later, he buys five more pencils. How many pencils did Jacob buy in total?

6. Lily catches eight fish at the pond, and her brother catches five fish. How many fish did they catch altogether?

7. If Olivia reads three books during the week and four books on the weekend, how many books does she read in total?

8. Alex has two cats and three dogs as pets. How many pets does Alex have in total?

9. Ava bakes four cupcakes for her friend Mia, who bakes five cupcakes for Ava. How many cupcakes do they have collectively?

10. Tommy has nine coins, and he spends three coins at the store to buy candy. How many coins does Tommy have left?

11. There are seven girls and six boys in a class on a picnic trip. How many kids went on the trip together?

12. Grace brings eight flowers to school for her teacher. If she gives two flowers away to her friend, how many flowers does Grace have left?

13. Benjamin has four toy trucks and gives two trucks to his brother. How many toy trucks does Benjamin have now?

14. Chloe collects six star-shaped stickers and seven heart-shaped stickers. How many stickers does Chloe have in total?

15. Leo goes on the swings eight times at the park and goes down the slide six times. How many times did Leo play on playground equipment?

16. Emily picks four daisies and three tulips in the garden. How many flowers does Emily pick altogether?

17. Sarah solves three puzzles in the morning and two puzzles in the afternoon. How many puzzles did Sarah solve in total?

18. Ruby finds five ladybugs and eight caterpillars in her garden. How many bugs did Ruby find in all?

19. In a bicycle race, six racers finish before Aaron, who finishes as the eighth racer. How many racers are there in total?

20. Jack sells nine cups of lemonade on Saturday and ten cups on Sunday at his lemonade stand. How many cups of lemonade did he sell over the weekend?

Math word problems offer excellent opportunities for first graders to hone their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while developing a love for math at an early age. So dive into these 50 first-grade math word problems of the day, and let your child’s education journey be filled with fun learning experiences!

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