Check Outhouses Daily” – The Retro Teacher Rules You Have to See to Believe

In the world of education, there have been countless rules and regulations over the years. Some were sensible, while others were downright bizarre. One such set of rules is the collection known as “Check Outhouses Daily” – The Retro Teacher Rules.

These rules, although eccentric, offer a unique glimpse into the past and how education was perceived. Let’s dive in and explore a few of the most intriguing rules that teachers had to follow.

    1. “Inspect the Outhouses Regularly”

In times gone by, outhouses were a common sight in schools, serving as the primary restroom facilities for both students and teachers. The first rule on our list emphasizes the importance of regularly inspecting these humble buildings. From checking for cleanliness to addressing any maintenance issues, teachers had the crucial duty of ensuring that these facilities were in top-notch condition.

    1. “Maintain an Outhouse Log”

To further emphasize the significance of the outhouses, teachers were required to keep a meticulous log of their condition. This log would document any repairs or concerns and serve as a record for future reference. It may seem peculiar in today’s world of modern restrooms, but in the past, this level of scrutiny was necessary to ensure optimal sanitation and hygiene.

    1. “Issue Outhouse Coupons”

Believe it or not, teachers were responsible for distributing coupons that granted students permission to use the outhouses. These coupons acted as a pass, indicating that the student had been granted access during class hours. It was a way to prevent unnecessary disruptions and ensure that restroom breaks were not abused. This rule highlights a time when even the most basic activities required permission.

    1. “Raise an Outhouse Flag”

Another curious rule was the requirement for teachers to raise a flag outside the outhouses when they were out of order or unavailable for use. This visual indicator allowed both students and staff to instantly know the status of the facilities. It served as a simple yet effective way of communicating crucial information to the school community.

    1. “Instruct Students on Outhouse Etiquette”

Teachers were responsible for teaching students proper etiquette when using the outhouses. From reminding them to flush after use to emphasizing the importance of cleanliness, these lessons were seen as essential aspects of a well-rounded education. It may seem unusual to us now, but in the past, these practices were seen as crucial to instilling discipline and respect in students.

While these rules may appear absurd by today’s standards, they offer us a valuable glimpse into the world of education and how it has evolved over time. They shed light on the unique challenges and responsibilities that teachers faced in the past, where even tasks as simple as maintaining outhouses were considered part of their duties.

As we reflect on the Retro Teacher Rules, it’s important to appreciate how far education has come and the progress we have made in providing safe and inclusive learning environments.

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