Christmas Tree Circularama – Craft Activity for KS 2

As the festive season approaches, engaging students in creative crafts can not only bring a lot of cheer but also help them learn important skills like following instructions, fine motor coordination, and artistic expression. The Christmas Tree Circularama is an enjoyable craft activity designed for Key Stage 2 pupils that will not only get them into the holiday spirit but also provide a great opportunity for classroom decorations.

Let’s take a look at how to create your very own Christmas Tree Circularama!

Materials Needed:

– Green construction paper or card stock

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Pencil

– Glue or tape

– Decorations (sequins, glitter, stickers, old holiday cards, etc.)

– Star template (optional)


1.Start by helping students measure and cut a large circle from the green construction paper. The circle can be as large as they want their tree to be.

2.Once the circle is cut out, make a single straight-line cut from any point on the edge of the circle to its center.

3.With the cut made, gently overlap both sides of the cut you’ve just made to form a cone shape, which will serve as your tree. Use glue or tape to hold this shape in place.

4.After the basic tree shape is secured, it’s time to decorate! Encourage students to use their imagination and creativity here. They can add sequins, use glitter glue for a sparkling effect, or cut out shapes from old holiday cards to give their tree some unique flair.

5.If you have a star template, students can trace and cut out a star for the top of their tree. Alternatively, they can design their own star. Once ready, this star can be attached at the peak of the cone with glue or tape.

6.Lastly, with all decorations complete, students can decide if they want to add any additional touches like cutting fringes into the bottom edges of the tree for extra texture.

Once completed, these Christmas Tree Circularamas make perfect centerpieces for each student’s desk or grouped together on a window sill or bulletin board for a festive display!

This craft activity not only yields delightful results but also adapts well to individual student needs and abilities. Teachers can alter the complexity by introducing more challenging decorative techniques like paper quilling or simplifying steps for younger or less skilled children.

By embarking on this simple yet enjoyable crafting journey together, students not only create charming decorations but also build functional skills and cherished memories during Christmas time at school.

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