Classic Sesame Street Videos That Are Still Relevant for Today’s Kids


Sesame Street has been a beloved and educational children’s television show for over 50 years. Throughout the years, it has produced a vast library of content that continues to inspire and engage children today. This article will explore classic Sesame Street videos that remain relevant and entertaining for today’s kids.

1. “It’s Not Easy Being Green” – Kermit the Frog

In this iconic song, Kermit the Frog expresses his struggles with being green and feeling like an outsider. This timeless tune teaches children about acceptance, self-esteem, and embracing their uniqueness.

2. “C is for Cookie” – Cookie Monster

This catchy song features everyone’s favorite cookie-loving monster while introducing the letter C. Cookie Monster teaches young viewers about the importance of moderation when it comes to treats, making it a fun and educational video for kids.

3. “I Love Trash” – Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch is known for his love of trash and living in a garbage can. In this video, he sings about his passion for all things dirty, discarded, and smelly while subtly teaching kids about recycling and taking care of our environment.

4. “One of These Things (Is Not Like The Others)”

This classic Sesame Street game teaches children about observation skills, critical thinking, and recognizing patterns by presenting them with four similar objects and asking which one is not like the others.

5. “Pinball Number Count”

This catchy animated segment gets kids excited about counting from 1-12 as they watch a pinball travel through various obstacles within its themed pinball machine journey. It’s an entertaining way to familiarize children with numbers while having fun!

6. “Rubber Duckie” – Ernie

Ernie’s ode to his beloved rubber duckie is both sweet and endearing for children of any generation. It encourages kids to use their imaginations and celebrate the simple joys in life, like taking a bubble bath with their favorite toy.

7. “Ladybugs’ Picnic”

This catchy animated video features a group of ladybugs enjoying a fun picnic. It introduces kids to the concept of counting, specifically the number 12, in an entertaining and engaging way that keeps them singing along.


These classic Sesame Street videos continue to impart valuable life lessons to children today, such as acceptance, moderation, environmental awareness, critical thinking skills, and the importance of imagination. With these timeless videos, Sesame Street remains an essential part of childhood education that entertains while it educates.

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