Clever Ways to Use Altoids Tins for Your Classroom Centers

As educators, we’re always looking for unique and fun ways to enhance our classroom centers. One surprisingly versatile item that can be repurposed is the humble Altoids tin. Don’t let these small containers fool you; they can become incredibly practical tools for your classroom.

In this article, we’ll explore some clever and creative ways to use Altoids tins in your classroom centers.

1. Mini Whiteboards

Transform your Altoids tins into portable mini whiteboards by painting the inside with whiteboard paint. These small whiteboards are perfect for students to practice writing letters, numbers or even short words during centers.

2. Magnetic Pattern Blocks

Cover the inside of the tin with magnetic tape and create a collection of magnetic pattern blocks using colorful craft foam or cardstock. Students can then use these blocks to explore patterns, shapes and symmetry during math centers.

3. Travel-sized Art Kits

Assemble mini art kits using Altoids tins by including essential art supplies like crayons, pencils, erasers and sharpeners. These kits are perfect for a drawing or sketching center while minimizing clutter and supplies.

4. Math Manipulatives Holder

Use Altoids tins as storage containers for math manipulatives such as counting bears, coins or fraction tiles. Label each tin with the contents, and students can easily find and use the resources they need during math centers.

5. Portable Spelling Kits

Help students practice their spelling words with portable spelling kits made from Altoids tins. Include a small set of magnetized letters inside the tins so students can build words on the go in language arts centers.

6. Miniature Book Nooks

Inspire a love for reading by creating tiny book nooks using decorated Altoids tins that house miniature books. These minuscule books can be made using folded index cards and printed or handwritten text. Students will appreciate having access to cozy, themed reading centers.

7. Puzzle Storage

Keep small puzzles organized by using Altoids tins as storage containers. This is an excellent way to ensure that all the pieces remain together and can be effortlessly transported between centers.

8. Sensory Tins

Fill Altoids tins with a variety of textures, such as sandpaper, cotton balls or bubble wrap. Students can use this sensory activity during quiet time or as a way to refocus following a busy period.

9. Tic-Tac-Toe and Other Travel Games

Convert your Altoids tins into travel-sized games like tic-tac-toe, checkers or mini memory match by attaching a printed game board inside the tin and using small items as game pieces.

10. Mobile Pocket Charts

Create mobile pocket charts by gluing strips of clear plastic inside the Altoids tins and including sets of vocabulary words or sight words for students to practice during language arts centers.

In conclusion, these versatile little tins can pack a big punch when it comes to organizing and enhancing your classroom centers. With a little imagination and some creative customization, you’ll have no shortage of clever ways to use Altoids tins in your learning environment.

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