Colouring-in Activities to Help Make This a Mindful Christmas

The festive season is a whirl of activity, with the rush to buy gifts, decorate homes, and prepare for gatherings. Yet, in the middle of these joyous but hectic preparations, finding moments to be reflective and calm can significantly enhance our well-being. One activity that has gained popularity as a stress-reliever and mindfulness tool is colouring-in. As Christmas approaches, integrating colouring-in activities can be especially beneficial to maintain inner peace.

Colouring-in isn’t just for children; it’s increasingly recognized as an effective means for adults to reduce anxiety and enter a more meditative state. The repetitive motion and concentration required can help shift focus away from worries and onto the present moment.

Here are some suggestions for incorporating mindful colouring into your Christmas celebration:

1. Craft Your Own Ornaments: Download or create Christmas ornament outlines and spend an evening colouring them. Once done, these can be cut out and hung on your tree or around your home.

2. Gift Personalised Cards: Hand-coloured Christmas cards add a personal touch that no store-bought card can match. Colouring holiday scenes or patterns can also be a pleasant way to spend time reflecting on the person you will send it to.

3. Ambient Evenings: Replace your usual evening activities with a group colouring session by the light of the Christmas tree. Play some soft music in the background and enjoy hot cocoa while each person adds color to their sheet.

4. Colour With The Kids: Engage with children in colouring book sessions. Not only does this allow family bonding time, but it also calms the household’s overall energy down.

5. Mindful Advent Calendar: Instead of (or as well as) traditional advent calendars, have a colouring advent calendar where each day uncovers a new picture to color.

6. Relaxation Station: Set up a quiet corner in your house with comfortable seating, good lighting, and an array of coloring supplies. Anytime you or someone else needs a break from the festivities, you have a designated spot to unwind.

By focusing on such peaceful activities during Christmas, we also remind ourselves of the real joys that the holiday season brings: connection, reflection, and inner tranquility amidst celebration. Mindful colouring is not only creative but restorative; it’s an accessible outlet for anyone needing to pause and breathe during the most wonderful time of the year.

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