Counting to 100: 20 Activities You Must Try


Counting to 100 is a fundamental skill that every child must learn. Developing this essential math skill can be both fun and engaging, through a variety of entertaining activities that will keep children invested in learning. This article provides 20 fantastic ideas you must try to make counting to 100 enjoyable for kids.

1. Sing counting songs:

Songs are an excellent approach for teaching numbers, as they enable children to learn at their own pace while having fun. Incorporate popular counting songs into your routine.

2. Hopscotch with numbers:

Enhance the classic hopscotch game by adding numbers on the grid, resulting in counting practice while playing.

3. Number memory game:

Have pairs of numbered cards face down that children need to find matches for, enhancing memory skills and number recognition.

4. Play bingo with numbers:

Create a customized bingo card featuring numbers up to 100, allowing children to practice recognizing and calling out their numbers.

5. Counting with blocks:

Use toy blocks or LEGO bricks for stacking and counting practice.

6. Number puzzles:

Custom-made or store-bought puzzles teach problem-solving while working on number recognition.

7. Interactive online games/apps:

Several educational websites and apps offer fun counting games for children on various devices.

8. Sensory counting bins:

Fill bins or large containers with objects such as pom-poms, toy cars, or marbles, and have kids count as they explore the items.

9. Counting art projects:

Create beautiful artwork by counting shapes, colors, or other elements in creative ways.

10. Number scavenger hunt:

Scatter numbered items throughout the house or yard and create riddles or clues for a fun scavenger hunt experience.

11. Connect the dots worksheets:

Download printable connect-the-dots worksheets featuring themes that appeal to your child’s interests and involve various number sequences.

12. Board games incorporating numbers:

Choose board games that promote counting skills, like “Snakes and Ladders” or “Monopoly Junior.”

13. Storytime with number-themed books:

Integrate counting skills into storytime with books such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3,” or “One Hundred Hungry Ants.”

14. Jump rope counting:

Have children jump rope and count as they jump to develop coordination alongside counting skills.

15. Interactive hundred chart:

Place a hundred chart on the wall or floor, allowing children to interactively practice counting while also understanding the connection between written and verbal numbers.

16. Number stickers art activity:

Give your child a sheet of number stickers and encourage them to create patterns or images using the stickers, along with practicing their counting.

17. Estimation jar guessing game:

Fill jars with different amounts of objects such as candy, buttons, or coins, and have kids guess how many items are inside to practice estimation skills.

18. Counting with fingerplays:

Engage in fingerplays like “Five Little Ducks” or “Ten Little Fingers” to develop fine motor skills while counting.

19. Numeral hopscotch:

Similar to traditional hopscotch, draw a grid in ascending order on a sidewalk or driveway and have children hop from one numeral to the next while reciting the corresponding numbers.

20. Play dough number sculptures:

Let children create their favorite numbers using play dough in various colors and shapes.


These 20 activities offer a diverse approach to teaching kids how to count up to 100 while making learning exciting and engaging for them. Don’t hesitate to mix up these ideas and tailor them according to your child’s interests and strengths, ensuring they have a solid foundation in basic numer

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