Creating an Inclusive Classroom Diversity Heart Art Activity

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, fostering a welcoming environment where every child feels valued is fundamental. The emphasis on creating inclusive classrooms has never been more critical, particularly in a country as diverse as the United States. One innovative way to celebrate diversity and promote inclusiveness is through an art activity known as the Diversity Heart.

The Diversity Heart activity is a simple, yet powerful, art project that can help students of all ages express their identities and learn to appreciate the uniqueness of their peers. It serves not just as a creative outlet but also as an educational tool to open discussions about diversity and inclusion. Here’s how to create this engaging experience within your classroom.

Materials Needed:

– Construction paper in various shades to represent different skin tones

– Additional colorful construction paper or card stock

– Scissors

– Glue

– Markers, crayons, or colored pencils

– Optional: Additional decorative elements such as glitter, stickers, or fabric scraps


1.Begin by having a candid discussion with your students about what makes them unique. Talk about the various aspects of identity, including race, ethnicity, language, culture, abilities, and interests.

2.Explain that each student will be creating their own Diversity Heart that reflects their individual identity and what they find meaningful in life.

3.Provide each student with a heart template or have them draw their own hearts on construction paper resembling their skin tone.

4.Encourage students to fill the inside of their hearts with drawings or words that represent aspects of their cultural background, personal interests, dreams, and anything else that contributes to who they are.

5.Beyond just skin tone representation inside the heart, students can use colorful pieces of paper or other materials to further personalize their art piece—perhaps red for someone who loves reading because it represents their love for books or green for a student who enjoys nature.

6.Once each heart is filled with these personal elements, cut them out and arrange all hearts on a bulletin board or wall in the classroom in a way that visually represents unity within diversity—the connectedness of different hearts creating a larger whole.

7.Facilitate a group reflection where students can share stories about their hearts if they feel comfortable doing so. This promotes understanding and empathy among peers as they learn about each other’s backgrounds.

8.The Diversity Heart art activity should culminate in an ongoing conversation about respect for diversity and inclusivity within the classroom environment and beyond.

Potential Outcomes:

Through participating in this Diversity Heart art activity:

– Students exercise creativity while exploring various facets of their identities.

– There’s an increased awareness and appreciation for classmates’ diverse backgrounds.

– The activity fosters teamwork when arranging the completed hearts together.

– A visual representation of diversity within unity is created within the classroom space.

– Open dialogue around important societal issues surrounding diversity and inclusion is encouraged.

By integrating activities like the Diversity Heart into school curriculum across the U.S., educators can help construct classrooms that not only acknowledge but also celebrate each student’s unique contributions to the world thereby building more inclusive future communities from an early age.

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