DIY Stress Balls for Your Classroom

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a common issue, not only for adults but also for students in the classroom. One effective way to manage stress is by using stress balls. These squishy objects can help relieve tension and provide a fun sensory experience. Instead of purchasing stress balls, why not make DIY stress balls for your classroom? It’s a simple and cost-effective project that can be a fun hands-on activity for your students.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating DIY stress balls:

    1. Gather the materials:

– Balloons: Choose colorful balloons to make the stress balls more appealing.

– Playdough or Flour: You can use either playdough or flour as the filling for the stress balls. Playdough can provide a more consistent texture, while flour allows for customization in terms of firmness.

– Funnel: This will help you fill the balloons easily.

    1. Prepare the filling:

– If you’re using playdough, divide it into small pieces so that it will be easier to mold.

– If you’re using flour, consider adding some scented materials like essential oils to enhance the sensory experience.

    1. Inflate the balloons:

– Stretch the balloon before inflating to make it easier to fill.

– Using a funnel, carefully fill the balloon with the chosen filling material. Be sure to leave some

space at the top to tie it securely.

    1. Seal the stress ball:

– Hold the opening of the balloon tightly to prevent the filling from coming out.

– Tie a knot to secure the stress ball. Double-knotting is recommended for added durability.

    1. Customize:

– Encourage your students to get creative and personalize their stress balls. They can draw or write on the balloons using permanent markers to make them unique.

    1. Enjoy the stress-relief:

– Distribute the stress balls to your students and encourage them to use them whenever they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

– Remind them that stress balls can be a helpful tool to manage emotions and improve focus.

Making DIY stress balls for your classroom can be a fantastic activity that promotes creativity and helps your students cope with stress. Not only will they have a fun and engaging project, but they’ll also have a valuable stress-relief tool that they can use whenever needed.

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