Early Literacy Strategies That Work

There are a variety of early literacy strategies that can be used to help children learn to read. Some of the most popular techniques include phonics, rhyming words, and word families. Additionally, picture books, songs, and other forms of rich media can be helpful in teaching children how to read.

There are a variety of strategies that parents and teachers can use to help young children learn to read. Here are five of the most successful early literacy strategies.

  1. Reading aloud to your child. This is a proven strategy that helps children learn to read by sounding out words and syllables. Reading aloud also helps your child develop a love for reading.
  2. Encouraging your child to read by themself. If you can get your child to read on their own, they will be more motivated to learn to read.
  3. Making reading fun. Reading can be a fun activity for children, and incorporating fun activities into your child’s reading routine will help her learn to love reading.
  4. Providing books that are appropriate for your child’s level. Reading books that are too hard for your child will frustrate her and may actually prevent her from learning to read.
  5. Joining a reading club for parents of young children. This will allow you to connect with other parents who are also trying to help their children learn to read.
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