Easter Basket Craft Activity

With the arrival of spring and the celebration of Easter, one delightful tradition that many families enjoy is the creation of custom Easter baskets. These baskets, often brimming with chocolates, candies, and other treats, can be crafted at home to add a personal touch to the festivities. A handmade Easter basket not only serves as a beautiful centerpiece but also ignites the spark of creativity among children and adults alike.

Materials Needed:

– A medium-sized wicker or plastic basket

– Pastel-colored construction paper or cardstock

– Scissors

– Glue or double-sided tape

– Easter-themed stickers or stamps

– Ribbon in various colors

– Shredded green paper or artificial grass

– Decorative items such as plastic eggs, flowers, and bunnies


1.Begin by selecting your basket. Whether you choose a traditional wicker basket or a plastic variant, make sure it’s big enough to hold the goodies you plan to include.

2.Use the pastel-colored construction paper to cut out shapes such as eggs, flowers, and bunnies. These will be used to decorate the exterior of your basket.

3.Take your ribbon and weave it in and out of the gaps if you have a wicker basket. For plastic baskets, you can glue or tape pieces of ribbon around it for a similar effect.

4.Affix the cut-out shapes onto your basket using glue or double-sided tape. You might want to layer different colors and sizes to create a more dynamic look.

5.Add Easter-themed stickers or use stamps around the basket for extra embellishments – get creative!

6.Fill the bottom of the basket with shredded green paper or artificial grass to create a nest-like base for your treats.

7.Arrange your decorative items within the nest – distribute plastic eggs, tuck in some artificial flowers, and place bunny figures peeking out from among the goodies.

8.If desired, create a handle with ribbon or a strip of cardstock adorned with decorations—this can be attached using glue or staples.

9.To finish off your Easter basket craft activity, fill it with an assortment of traditional candies like jelly beans and chocolate eggs, as well as non-candy items like stuffed animals, books, puzzles, or coloring supplies for an extra surprise.

Crafting an Easter basket is not only an enjoyable activity but also gives everyone involved a chance to express their creativity while creating something that will be cherished during the holiday celebrations. Whether done solo or as a group project with family and friends, it’s sure to make Easter even more memorable!

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