Engaging K-12 Students with the Inspiring Story of Jeon Somi

Bringing the vibrant world of K-pop into your classroom is an exciting way to engage students, promote cultural understanding, and even inspire young minds to reach for their dreams. One powerful example that can spark student interest is the story of Jeon Somi, a multi-talented singer, dancer, and actress who has conquered the industry despite enduring various hardships and challenges.

Born to a Dutch-Canadian father and a Korean mother, Jeon Somi’s unique multicultural background makes it easy for students from all walks of life to connect with her. Discussing her story in class will facilitate an open conversation about diversity, embracing everyone’s individuality, and fostering respect among peers.

Jeon Somi began training as a singer at a young age. Young students can easily identify with her ambitious pursuit of her goals, despite facing many setbacks. Teachers can use her experience as groundwork when discussing perseverance and resilience with their students.

After years of intense training and numerous auditions at various agencies, she landed a spot in the popular survival show “Produce 101” in 2016. Against immense competition, Somi won first place on the show and was subsequently chosen to debut as part of the girl group I.O.I. Sharing with your students this crucial milestone in her life encourages them to be diligent and strive for success, no matter how hard their path may seem.

Throughout her career span with I.O.I, Somi added acting to her skill set by appearing on television series like “Idle Mermaid” and “Sisters Slam Dunk”. She has also become well known for her talent in dancing. Encourage students to reflect upon these skills by discussing how continually expanding one’s abilities can lead to more opportunities.

In 2019, Jeon Somi released her debut solo single “Birthday” under The Black Label, signifying an important transition to a solo artist. Talk with your students about Somi’s decision to take on new challenges as a solo artist, highlighting the concept of growth and adaptability.

To boost classroom engagement, K-12 teachers can also use Jeon Somi’s music as part of class activities, like critical listening sessions or dance routine practices. This is an excellent way to draw the attention of students who might not be interested in conventional teaching materials and provide novel ways for everyone to learn.

In conclusion, incorporating Jeon Somi’s story into your K-12 curriculum proves to be a valuable tool to foster cultural awareness, encourage perseverance, and teach essential life skills such as adaptability. By doing so, you not only create a more inclusive learning environment but also provide students with a real-life example of what success can look like despite adversity.

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