Enjoying Maths Through Games, Rhymes, and Songs


Mathematics often gets a bad reputation for being a challenging and tedious subject. However, integrating fun activities like games, rhymes, and songs can make learning maths an enjoyable experience. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which you can turn maths into a joyful journey for all ages.

Games in Maths:

There is no denying that games have always been an excellent medium for learning. They engage the brain and increase attention, while providing a low-stress way to practice new skills. Here are a few games that can help you enjoy maths:

1. Sudoku: This popular game provides an excellent opportunity to develop problem-solving skills while exercising your logical thinking.

2. Tangrams: A tangram is a Chinese puzzle where you have to form specific shapes using all seven pieces (tans). This activity encourages spatial awareness and builds geometry skills.

3. Board games involving numbers and strategy: Games like Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders combine elements of chance with strategic thinking to create opportunities for math exploration.

Rhymes in Maths:

Who says rhymes are only for language arts? Incorporating catchy rhymes into mathematical concepts helps students remember them more easily and makes the learning process more enjoyable. Here are some examples:

1. “One two, buckle my shoe”: This age-old rhyme helps children practice counting with a fun rhythm.

2. “Zero the Hero”: Teach young learners about the concept of zero by creating a superhero-themed rhyme or poem.

3. “Miss Poly Polygon”: Create your rhyme describing different polygons and their attributes as Miss Poly Polygon strives to find the perfect one!

Songs in Maths:

Songs are another excellent tool for making maths fun and memorable! They cater to auditory learners by providing catchy tunes to accompany important mathematical concepts. Here are a few song ideas:

1. Times Tables Rock Stars: Learn multiplication tables through energetic rock songs, making it easier to remember and more exciting. This musical programme is available online for various devices.

2. “Pi Day” songs: For older learners, create or choose a song that explains the fascinating history and properties of the constant π (pi).

3. “Maths is Fun” songs: Perform an online search to find numerous maths-themed songs that cover topics like fractions, decimals, and percentages.


Understanding and mastering mathematical concepts can be an enjoyable experience when you incorporate games, rhymes, and songs into the learning process. Children and adults alike will develop a more positive outlook towards mathematics as they make it fun and engaging. So explore different ways to weave maths into playtime and say goodbye to the notion that maths should be dreary!

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