1st Grade Animal Trivia

Which is the largest species of cat in the world? (a) Tigers (b) Lions (c) Panthers. Answer: (a) Tigers.

What is a baby cow called? (a) A puppy (b) A foal (c) A calf. Answer: (c) Calf.

What color are ladybugs? Answer: Red and black.

How many legs do insects have? Answer: Six.

What is the fastest land animal in the world? Is it (a) An antelope, (b) A cheetah, (c) A hippo. Answer: (b) Cheetah. 

What is the national mammal of the United States? Answer: The American Bison.

What is the largest land animal in the world? Answer: African Elephants.

What color are polar bears? Answer: White.

What makes dalmatian dogs so unique? Answer: Their spots.

1st Grade Bird Trivia

Which bird lays the biggest eggs? Answer: The ostrich.

What type of bird eats animals that are already dead? Answer: Vultures.

All birds are related to dinosaurs. True or false? Answer: True.

Which bird has the largest wingspan? (a) The wandering albatross, (b) The bald eagle, (c) The great white pelican. Answer: (a) The wandering albatross.

What species of bird were Skipper, Rico, Private, and Kowalski in the movie Madagascar? Answer: Penguins.

Which bird goes “hoot” in the night? Answer: Owls.

Which pink-colored bird is famous for standing on one leg? Answer:  Flamingos.

On Thanksgiving, it’s traditional to eat roast duck. True or false? Answer: False.

What do you call the soft and sometimes colorful things that cover a bird’s body? Answer: Feathers.

1st Grade Space Trivia

What do you call the bright lights in the sky at night? Answer: Stars.

In space, there’s no gravity. What effect does this have on astronauts? Answer: They float.

Which planet is surrounded by a set of rings? (a) Mars (b) Saturn (c) Jupiter. Answer: (b) Saturn.

What does the Earth orbit around? Answer: The sun.

What orbits around the Earth? Answer: The moon.

What is the name of the galaxy to which our solar system belongs? Answer: The Milky Way.

1st Grade Movie Trivia

What’s the name of the villain in the Lion King? Answer: Scar.

Which animal does the Grinch have as a pet? (a) A dog, (b) A cat, (c) A parrot. Answer: (a) A Dog.

What’s the name of the snowman in Frozen? Answer: Olaf.

Scooby-Doo’s real name is Scoobert Doobert. True or false? Answer: False (it’s Scoobert Doo.)

Which Mexican holiday is Coco based on? Answer: Day of the Dead.

In Ratatouille, what secret talent does Remy the rat have? Answer: He’s a chef.

Madagascar is based on the lives of a group of (a) Farm animals, (b) Zoo animals (c) Wild animals. Answer: Zoo animals.

What is the name of Shrek’s four-legged sidekick? Answer: Donkey.

Complete the title of this classic Disney tale: Snow White and the Seven _____. Answer: Dwarves.

1st Grade Food Trivia

What are the two main toppings on a Hawaiian pizza? Answer: Ham and pineapple.

Which country does spaghetti come from? Answer: Italy.

What do vegetarians not eat? Answer: Meat.

What do vegans not eat? Answer: Meat and dairy products.

U.S. baseball fans eat over 25 million hot dogs every season. True or false? Answer: True.

Brisket, sirloin, T-bone, and tomahawk are all cuts of what meat? (a) Chicken (b) Pork (c) Beef. Answer: (c) Beef.

Which country do burritos, guacamole, and tacos come from? Answer: Mexico.

What are the three main ingredients in s’mores? Answer: Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.

Which vitamin do oranges contain? Answer: Vitamin C.

What types of food are Monterey Jack, mozzarella, Gouda, and Swiss? Answer: Cheese.

1st Grade Nature Trivia

What do you call a large, cone-shaped rock formation that spews out lava? Answer: A volcano.

What do you call water that has frozen due to cold temperatures? Answer: Ice.

What do you call a dangerous storm that starts at sea? Answer: A hurricane.

What’s the name for the fluffy white shapes you can see in the sky? Answer: Clouds.

What’s the highest mountain in the world? Answer: Mount Everest in Nepal.

What is the longest river in the USA? Answer: The Mississippi.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States is 134 degrees. True or false? Answer: True.

What do you call the ball-shaped pieces of ice that sometimes fall from the sky? Answer: Hail or hailstones.

Where is the coldest place in the United States? Is it (a) Fairbanks, AK, (b) Saint Paul, MN, or (c) Cheyenne, WY? Answer: Fairbanks, AK.

1st Grade U.S. Geography Trivia

Which two countries border the United States? Answer: Canada and Mexico.

The largest city in the U.S. is Los Angeles. True or false? Answer: False; it’s New York.

What is Las Vegas famous for? Answer: Casinos.

How many states are there in the U.S.? Answer: 50.

Of these three U.S. states, which is the largest: (a) New York, (b) Alaska, (c) Texas? Answer: Alaska.

Which is the smallest U.S. state? Answer: Rhode Island.

1st Grade Seasons and Holidays Trivia

What date is Christmas? Answer: December 25.

In which month does fall begin? Answer: September.

Name three things you do on Halloween. Possible answers: Trick or treating, wear a costume, decorate your home, eat candy.

Which religion celebrates Hanukkah? Answer: Judaism.

Easter happens in the summer. True or false? Answer: False; Easter occurs in spring.

What happens to trees in the fall? Answer: Their leaves change color and fall to the ground.

During which season is it most likely to snow? Answer: Winter.

What is the name of the reindeer with the red nose? Answer: Rudolph.

In which season do people celebrate Thanksgiving? Answer: Fall.

1st Grade Sports Trivia

In which sport might you hear these words: bogey, eagle, and birdie? Answer: Golf.

How many strikes are batters allowed in baseball? Answer: Three.

What do you call the player who directs their team’s play and calls all the shots in football? Answer: Quarterback.

Who invented Lacrosse? (a) Native Americans, (b) French settlers, (c) Civil War soldiers. Answer: Native Americans.

Which sport can you play on grass and ice while wearing rollerblades? Answer: Hockey.

Name three events you might find during your school’s field day. Possible answers: Ring toss, relay race, obstacle course, and sidewalk chalk.

A touchdown is scored in football when the ball is kicked through the goalposts. True or false? Answer: False.

Which of the following is a natural swimming stroke? (a) the caterpillar, (b) the butterfly, and (c) the worm. Answer: The butterfly.

What color are tennis balls? Answer: Green.

1st Grade U.S. Politics and History Trivia

What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? Answer: 1776.

Who was the first President of the United States? Answer: George Washington.

Who is the current President of the United States? Answer: Joe Biden.

How many stars are there on the American flag? Answer: 50.

What is the name of the U.S. national anthem? Answer: The Star-Spangled Banner.

The United States has never had a female president. True or false? Answer: True.

The United States flag contains three colors. What are they? Answer: Red, white, and blue.

What are the two main political parties in America? Answer: Republicans and Democrats.

Where does the President of the United States live? Answer: The White House.

1st Grade Around the World Trivia

Which country are the Harry Potter stories set in? Answer: England.

Where does sushi come from? Answer: Japan.

In which country would you find a giant panda in the wild? Answer: China.

France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Portugal are part of which continent? Answer: Europe.

Where does The Day of the Dead initially come from? Answer: Mexico.

Which country eats the most chocolate? Is it (a) Switzerland, (b) Canada, or (c) Brazil? Answer: Switzerland.

On which continent are you most likely to see zebras, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, and elephants in the wild? Answer: Africa.

Where is Greta Thunberg from? Answer: Sweden.

Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. True or false? Answer: True.

Which English city does Paddington Bear travel to? Answer: London.

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