Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids: Pencil Shaving Goodness

Crafting with children can be a fun and educational experience that stimulates creativity and fine motor skills. One of the simplest yet surprisingly delightful activities involves something as common as pencil shavings. Here’s a fun craft project that turns these colorful byproducts into art.

Materials Needed:

– Pencil sharpeners

– Colored pencils

– Plain white paper or construction paper

– Glue

– A pair of scissors (optional)

– Clear contact paper (optional)


1. Start by gathering a good amount of pencil shavings. You can plan ahead and save these from when your kids do their homework, or you can have a sharpening session to procure a variety of colors.

2. Lay out a piece of paper for your craft’s backdrop.

3. Encourage your child to think about what they would like to make. Pencil shaving creations can range from simple abstract designs to more intricate images like flowers or the sun.

4. Once an idea is in place, start arranging the shavings on the paper without glue to create a rough draft of the image.

5. After your child is happy with their design, help them apply glue on top of where each shaving will lay. Then carefully place the shavings onto the glue spots.

6. Let the artwork dry completely before moving it.

For longevity:

– After drying, you might want to gently press down each shaving so it’s entirely flat against the paper.

– To preserve the craft, cover the artwork with clear contact paper, which also gives it a nice shine and prevents shavings from falling off.

Pencil shaving crafts allow kids to explore their imagination and can be made into cards, framed art pieces, or even bookmarks if you cut them into strips and laminate them. It’s also an exceptional way to teach children about reusing and recycling materials in creative ways while developing an appreciation for unconventional art materials that are readily available at home. Enjoy this eco-friendly craft with your little ones for an afternoon filled with creativity and learning!

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