Funky Easter Egg Craft Template

Easter is a time for family, fun, and, of course, egg decorating! While traditional methods of dying and painting eggs are timeless, sometimes it’s exciting to add a funky twist to tradition. If you’re looking to spritz up your Easter with some unique craftiness, this Funky Easter Egg Craft Template is just the ticket.


– Hard-boiled eggs or foam egg substitutes

– Acrylic paints in various bright colors

– Small paintbrushes

– Fine-tip markers or pens

– Assortment of washi tape

– Stickers or adhesive gems

– Glitter glue

– Googly eyes

– Feathers, sequins, and any other funky craft supplies


1. Begin by choosing your base color for the egg. Apply acrylic paint smoothly over the entire surface. You may need to use a couple of coats to get a bright, even coverage. Let it dry completely.

2. Once the base coat is dry, it’s time to get funky! Use washi tape to create geometric patterns or stripes on the egg. Alternatively, draw freehand designs with markers or pens for that personal touch.

3. Add some texture by sticking on feathers, sequins, or adhesive gems. You can make patterns or simply apply them randomly for that funky look.

4. For a sparkly effect, carefully apply glitter glue in lines or dots across the egg surface. Let this dry thoroughly before handling further.

5. Attach googly eyes to give your egg character—a pair for a quirky personification or multiple eyes for an alien vibe.

6. Finish off by using fine-tip pens or markers to add any details such as facial features (if you’re making a character), outlines of washi tape patterns, or additional doodles that bring your funky design together.

7. Once everything is dry and set, place your eggs in a decorative basket or display them proudly on your Easter table.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create Funky Easter Eggs—embrace the quirks and imperfections that make each one unique! So gather your supplies and let creativity lead the way this Easter season.

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