Goal Setting Template (Iceberg)

Setting goals can often feel like attempting to unveil the unseen bulk of an iceberg that lies beneath the water’s surface. The Iceberg Model for goal setting represents this concept by highlighting that the visible part of the iceberg is the goal itself, whereas the much larger, unseen portion represents the necessary systems, habits, and beliefs required to achieve that goal.

In using an Iceberg Template to set your goals, you first identify the tip of your iceberg – this is your primary objective. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This visible goal is what you will ultimately achieve.

Below the waterline lies the vast mass of the iceberg. In this area of the template, you will outline:

1. Systems – What are the processes or structures needed for supporting your goal? This section should detail the daily practices or broader systems that facilitate progress towards your aim.

2. Actions – Define the consistent actions that are required to reach your goal. These should be repeatable tasks that directly contribute to achieving your objective.

3. Resources – List any tools, people, or educational resources that will assist you in pursuit of your goal. These could be books, software tools, advisors, or courses that provide knowledge and support.

4. Beliefs – Identify empowering beliefs that will help you stay committed to your goal. Beliefs about yourself and what is possible are deep-rooted in our subconscious and can significantly influence behavior and outcome.

5. Obstacles – What potential challenges could impede your progress? This includes both external circumstances and internal mental barriers. Acknowledging them allows for proactive planning to overcome these hurdles.

6. Milestones – Establish smaller targets along the way to measure progress toward your larger goal. Celebrating these milestones can provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment throughout your journey.

Remember, just like an iceberg’s broad base supports its peak above water, a well-structured foundation beneath your main objective will bolster your success in achieving it. Using a Goal Setting Template like the Iceberg method provides a comprehensive view of both what is wanted and all that is necessary to make it happen.

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