Hands and Numbers 1-10 Counting Activity Template

Introducing children to numbers and counting at an early age sets the foundation for developing strong mathematical skills. A hands-on activity that uses their own hands, as well as pictures and representations of hands, can be both educational and entertaining for young learners. Here is a simple and effective counting activity that parents and educators can use to teach children the numbers 1-10.

Materials Needed:

– Printable hand templates with numbers 1-10

– Scissors

– Glue or tape

– Colored pencils or markers

– Construction paper or cardstock


1. Start by printing out hand templates that display the numbers 1 to 10. Each number should correspond with the number of fingers shown—a single finger for number 1, two fingers for number 2, and so on, up to ten fingers spread out.

2. Allow your child to color in the hand templates with colored pencils or markers, which not only makes the activity more engaging but also helps in fine motor skills development.

3. Once the hand templates are colored, carefully cut them out along the borders.

4. Take construction paper or cardstock as a base to create a counting book or a counting wall display. Glue or tape each hand template onto its own page or section of the display, ordering the numbers from 1 to 10.

5. Encourage your child to practice counting by pointing at each finger on the hand templates while saying the corresponding number aloud.

6. For interactive learning, ask your child to match their own fingers against each template, raising the same number of fingers that they see on each one.

7. To reinforce learning, turn this into a game by calling out random numbers from 1 to 10 and asking your child to show you the correct hand template that matches that number.

8. As an extension of this activity, you can ask your child to find objects around them that correspond with each number and place these near each hand template—for example, placing three toy blocks next to the “number 3” hand template.

9. Use positive reinforcement throughout the activity by praising correct counts and gently correcting any mistakes.

By incorporating visual tools like hand templates into counting practice, children are given a multisensory learning experience that can enhance memory and understanding of numbers. This “Hands and Numbers” activity can be adapted for both individual play and classroom environments. Happy counting!

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