How I Make Extra Money Working From Home with my Teaching Degree


As a teacher, I have dedicated my life to educating and nurturing the minds of the next generation. However, like many other professionals, I am always seeking ways to make extra money and maximize my potential. Fortunately, with my teaching degree and the advancement of modern technology, I have discovered various methods to work from home and earn additional income. In this article, I will share with you the techniques I have implemented to increase my earnings without compromising my passion for teaching.

1. Online Tutoring:

One of the first approaches I took was offering online tutoring services. Many students require extra support outside of school hours, so by extending my help online, I can reach a wider audience in need. Virtual tutoring platforms like and VIPKid provide an environment for teachers to connect with students in real-time and offer specialized support in specific subjects. This not only helps me utilize my expertise but also allows me to work from home according to my schedule.

2. Creating Educational Materials:

Another rewarding way in which I use my teaching degree is by creating lesson plans and educational materials for other teachers. Platforms such as Teachers Pay Teachers serve as marketplaces for educators to buy and sell original resources. By investing some time every week in creating unique lesson plans or worksheets aligned with curriculum standards, I add value to the educational community while generating passive income.

3. Language Instruction:

As a fluent speaker of a second language, I decided to capitalize on this skill by offering language classes online. Websites like iTalki enable teachers to offer private language lessons from the comfort of their homes, catering to different age groups and proficiency levels. By planning engaging sessions tailored to each student’s needs, I foster language development while growing my client base.

4. Freelance Writing:

Leveraging my experience as a teacher and academic background, freelance writing has become another source of extra income for me. I contribute to educational blogs, compose articles for online publications, and even write eBooks on teaching-related topics. These opportunities allow me to share my knowledge while honing my writing skills and staying up-to-date with current educational trends.

5. Consulting and Professional Development:

Finally, utilizing my knowledge and expertise in the field of education, I offer consulting services to educational institutions and conduct professional development workshops. From providing insights on curriculum development to sharing best practices in classroom management, I have learned that sharing my wisdom is not only rewarding but can be a fruitful side business.


With a little creativity and resourcefulness, your teaching degree can open doors to multiple streams of income. By pursuing different avenues of work from home opportunities, not only have I enhanced my financial stability but also broadened my professional development. Whether it’s online tutoring or freelance writing, the possibilities are immense; all you need is determination and a passion to share your knowledge.

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