How One Teacher Got a Serious Classroom Upgrade (With a Little Help From an HGTV Designer!)


Educational environments play a significant role in shaping students’ learning experiences. With a goal to create a more engaging and functional space, one lucky teacher managed to transform their classroom into an interactive learning hub, thanks to the assistance of an HGTV designer.

The Situation:

As the teaching landscape has evolved dramatically with the integration of technology and collaborative learning strategies, this particular teacher found their traditional classroom insufficient for their modern educational approach. The aging furniture, dim lighting, and limited space hindered student engagement and motivation.

The Collaboration:

Upon learning about the teacher’s struggles to update their classroom, a well-known HGTV designer enlisted to give it a complete makeover. With substantial expertise in creating beautiful and functional spaces, the designer collaborated with the teacher to identify specific needs and preferences that would facilitate enhanced learning outcomes.

The Upgrades:

1. Furniture: To improve the classroom’s adaptability, modular furniture elements such as desks, chairs, and storage units were added. These pieces can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different teaching styles or group discussions.

2. Lighting: Dim and harsh lighting was replaced with LED fixtures that offer varying brightness levels and mimic natural daylight. This not only improved visibility but also fostered a more energizing atmosphere for students and teachers alike.

3. Chalkboard Makeover: The outdated chalkboard was replaced with a state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard that facilitates collaboration and encourages creativity among students.

4. Technology Integration: Tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices were incorporated into the space for research- or project-based learning opportunities.

5. Cozy Reading Nook: A designated area was established to encourage leisure reading by providing comfortable seating options alongside an organized collection of books. The nook aimed at nurturing a love for reading while also serving as a quiet study corner.

6. Color Psychology: By incorporating soft wall colors inspired by nature and adding pops of brighter hues in the decor accents, the designer created a visual stimulus for an invigorating learning experience.

7. Storage Solutions: Custom shelving and cabinets were designed to store classroom materials efficiently in an organized and accessible manner.

The Impact:

Post-transformation, the renovated classroom had a profound influence on students’ attitudes toward learning. With a visually appealing and adaptive environment, pupils demonstrated higher levels of engagement, motivation, and overall enjoyment in the classroom setting. As a result, both academic performance and teacher-student relationships improved significantly.


Investing time and thought into an educational space is crucial as it directly impacts student success. This heartwarming story of a dedicated teacher and a skilled HGTV designer showcases the incredible difference a well-designed classroom can make on teaching and learning outcomes.

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