How to Show Teens Respect So You Can Earn It Back From Them


Showing respect to teens is a crucial aspect of building a strong and positive relationship with them. A respectful approach can create opportunities for open dialogue, help them develop self-esteem, and promote mutual understanding. In this article, we’ll discuss some methods to show teens respect, so you can earn it back from them.

1. Actively Listen:

When conversing with a teenager, make an effort to actively listen without interrupting them. Allow them to express their thoughts and feelings freely without feeling judged or dismissed. By doing so, they will feel valued and respected.

2. Validate Their Feelings:

Acknowledge your teen’s emotions and feelings by validating their experiences. Avoid being overly critical or offering unsolicited advice. Instead, empathize and demonstrate that you understand their perspective.

3. Support Autonomy:

Encourage adolescents’ independence by providing opportunities for them to make their own decisions and solve problems independently. Trust them with age-appropriate responsibilities and allow them space to learn from their mistakes.

4. Be Open-Minded:

Be open to understanding differing opinions and beliefs presented by your teen instead of shutting them down. Encourage healthy discussions as it builds trust and mutual respect.

5. Offer Praise and Encouragement:

Recognize the teenager’s achievements, strengths, and efforts by offering sincere praise and encouragement. This nurtures self-esteem while showing that you value their abilities.

6. Maintain Privacy:

Respect your teen’s need for privacy by knocking on their door before entering the room or not snooping in their personal belongings. Give them space to maintain personal boundaries while ensuring a safe environment.

7. Admit When You’re Wrong:

Being able to admit when you make a mistake as an adult exemplifies humility and honesty. This instills the mutual understanding that neither party is infallible, creating a more equal relationship dynamic.

8. Treat Them as Equals:

Whenever appropriate, treat your teen as an equal by avoiding talking down to them or belittling their concerns. Show genuine interest in their thoughts and consider their opinions when making family decisions.


Establishing a respectful relationship with your teenager creates a strong foundation for trust, open communication, and mutual respect. By actively listening, validating feelings, promoting autonomy, and giving space for mistakes, you’ll build a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages your teen to reciprocate the respect they receive. Ultimately, fostering these healthy connections empowers both parties to have constructive and rewarding interactions.

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