Inauguration Day Activities for Kids Lesson Ideas

On Inauguration Day, educators have a unique opportunity to engage children in the democratic process and help them understand the importance and procedures of presidential inaugurations. Here are several lesson ideas for kids to learn about and celebrate Inauguration Day.
Mock Inauguration Ceremony
Organize a mock inauguration ceremony in the classroom. Select students to play various roles, such as the President, Vice President, Chief Justice, and other government officials. Other students can prepare inaugural speeches or poems.
Crafting Presidential Seals
Provide students with art supplies to create their own interpretation of the Presidential Seal. Discuss the symbolism within the actual seal as inspiration.
Inaugural Parade Reenactment
Encourage kids to stage their own inaugural parade with floats and banners. They could represent historical moments from past inaugurations or aspects of American culture and democracy.
Create an Inaugural Ball
Host a mini inaugural ball where students can learn about this tradition. Play music from past balls and teach children dances that might be featured at such an event.
Letter Writing Campaign
Have the children write letters to the newly inaugurated President expressing their hopes for the nation or sharing ideas that are important to them. This fosters civic engagement and literacy.
Design Inauguration Day Buttons
Allow children to design buttons that they would wear if attending an inauguration ceremony. This art activity can include campaign slogans or patriotic imagery.
Explore Oaths of Office
Teach students about the Oath of Office. Have them write their own pledges on how they would help their community if they were president for a day.
Research Past Presidents
Assign each student a past president to research, focusing on their inaugurations. Students can present findings and discuss how each inauguration reflected its time period.
Play “Inaugural Trivia”
Create a trivia game with facts about Inauguration Day history, traditions, and significant speeches from past presidents.
By incorporating these activities into your Inauguration Day lesson plan, you’ll help kids understand this significant civic event while fostering a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility.

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