K-5 Math Teaching Resources That Will Help Your Students Learn


As an educator, it is crucial to choose the right resources for teaching math to your K-5 students. These resources should engage your students and help them develop a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. In this article, we will discuss various K-5 math teaching resources that will help your students learn effectively.

1. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy offers a vast library of free instructional videos, practice problems, and quizzes covering all K-5 math competencies. The user-friendly interface allows both teachers and students to track their progress as they complete exercises and develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

2. IXL:

IXL is an online learning platform that offers interactive math problems for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The platform provides adaptive questions that adjust to the student’s skill level, making it an excellent resource for both practice and skill-building.

3. Math Playground:

Math Playground is a fun and interactive website with hundreds of engaging games designed to help K-5 students learn math concepts while enjoying their playtime. Games are arranged by grade level and topic, making it easy for teachers to find suitable activities for their class.

4. Prodigy:

Prodigy is an adaptive math game that adjusts difficulty levels based on individual student needs. It combines practice problems with engaging gameplay, encouraging students to develop problem-solving skills while mastering math standards.

5. BrainPOP Jr.:

BrainPOP Jr. offers K-3 animated movies, quizzes, activities, and printable materials related to a variety of math concepts. Teachers can use this platform for whole-class instruction or as a supplement to individual student learning.

6. DreamBox Learning Math:

DreamBox Learning Math is an online adaptive learning program that adapts to each student’s learning needs in real-time. This platform offers over 1,800 digital lessons designed to help students become better problem solvers and critical thinkers in mathematics.

7. Illuminations:

Illuminations is a collection of K-5 lesson plans, activities, and online interactive games from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This resource offers a range of content for each grade level and mathematical concept, making it an excellent addition to any math curriculum.


Incorporating high-quality math teaching resources into your K-5 classroom can significantly improve students’ learning experiences and outcomes. By using these resources, you can create engaging and effective lessons that will build your students’ confidence and foster a love for learning mathematics.

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