Leaving Teaching? How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in the Corporate World

Making the transition from a teaching career to the corporate world can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. As you shift gears, it’s crucial to create a resume that highlights your transferable skills and the unique value you can bring to a new organization. Here are some tips on how to make your resume stand out when leaving the teaching profession:

1. Start with a Strong Objective or Summary

Your resume should start with an objective or summary that indicates your career goals and highlights your intentions of joining the corporate sector. This statement is an opportunity to demonstrate that your teaching experience has prepared you for success in a business environment.

Example: Results-driven educator seeking to leverage excellent communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills developed during a 10-year teaching career into a project management role in the corporate world.

2. Translate Your Teaching Skills into Corporate Language

Review your past experiences as an educator and emphasize the transferable skills relevant to the corporate environment. Translate these skills into professional language commonly used in businesses.


– Classroom management -> Time management

– Lesson planning -> Project planning

– Assessing student progress -> Performance evaluation

– Curriculum development -> Product development

3. Prioritize Measurable Accomplishments

Include relevant data from your teaching experience that demonstrates your ability to impact positive change. Showcasing quantifiable achievements helps hiring managers understand your potential value in a corporate setting.


– Increased student test scores by 20% through personalized learning plans

– Implemented a new classroom technology program, resulting in a 35% reduction in administrative tasks

– Developed partnerships with local businesses, leading to three annual sponsorships for school events

4. Highlight Advanced Degrees or Certifications

If you have any advanced degrees, certifications, or continuing education courses that show adaptability or proficiency in areas relevant to the desired corporate position, include them prominently on your resume.


– Master of Business Administration (MBA)

– Project Management Professional (PMP)

– Certificate in Human Resources Management

5. Display Your Knowledge of Industry Terminology and Trends

If you’re seeking a position in a specific industry, research common terms, trends, and issues within that field. By incorporating this information into your resume, you can demonstrate your understanding of the sector while further emphasizing your transferable skills.

Example: If applying for a marketing role, mention the experience with social media management or content creation during school events to showcase your capability to contribute in the new field.

Remember, transitioning from teaching to the corporate world is all about positioning yourself as a candidate with valuable skills and experiences that can translate into success in a new environment. By following the above tips and tailoring your resume to highlight your unique abilities, you’ll set yourself up for an exciting next step in your professional journey.

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