Make Your Own Pikachu Bookmark


Pikachu, the iconic Pokémon that has captured the hearts of fans all around the world, is not only an adorable companion but can also become a useful bookmark! In this article, we will guide you through making your very own Pikachu bookmark that will keep your page in style, and add a touch of cuteness to your reading experience.


– Yellow cardstock paper

– Black marker

– Red and black colored pencils or markers

– Scissors

– Glue stick

– Ruler

– Pencil

Step 1: Draw the outline

First, take a yellow cardstock paper and draw a rectangle (approximately 6cm x 4cm) using a pencil and ruler. This will be Pikachu’s body. Then, add Pikachu’s head on top of the rectangle by drawing an oval shape slightly overlapping the top of the rectangle.

Step 2: Draw facial features

Now it’s time to bring Pikachu to life! Start by drawing his eyes using two large ovals. Inside these ovals, draw a smaller black oval for the pupils and two tiny white circles for reflection. Next, draw his cheeks with two small red circles placed below his eyes on both sides. Lastly, create Pikachu’s smile with a simple curved line between his cheeks.

Step 3: Add Pikachu’s iconic ears

Draw two elongated triangles on either side of Pikachu’s head for his ears. Remember that his ears have black tips, so make sure to color those in with a black marker or colored pencil.

Step 4: Cut out the bookmark

Carefully cut out your Pikachu drawing using scissors. Be mindful of the delicate facial features and ear tips while cutting.

Step 5: Fold and glue

Fold the bottom of your yellow cardstock (the rectangular part) upward so that it covers roughly one-third or one-half of Pikachu’s face. Apply glue to the back of the bottom part and press firmly against the front to create a pocket-like shape for your bookmark.

And there you have it! Your very own Pikachu bookmark is now ready to accompany you on your reading adventures. This adorable and easy-to-make bookmark also makes a wonderful gift for friends and family who are Pokémon fans. Go ahead and create several Pikachus in different expressions for a fun collection of bookmarks!

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