Monster Corner Bookmark Craft Activity

Are you looking to inject a little creativity into your reading routine or find a way to encourage young learners to read more? Look no further than the fun and easy Monster Corner Bookmark craft activity! Not only is it a delightful project that bookworms of all ages can create and customize, but it also provides a quirky companion for your next reading adventure.

To get started with this simple craft, you’ll need the following materials:

– Colorful paper or cardstock

– Scissors

– Glue

– Markers or colored pencils

– Googly eyes (optional, but highly recommended)

Creating Your Monster Corner Bookmark:

1. Begin by selecting your cardstock or paper. Vibrant colors often work the best to give your monster that extra pop!

2. Cut your base piece into a square. A good starting size is a 6×6 inch square, which will work for standard-sized books.

3. Fold the square diagonally to form a triangle.

4. With the right angle of the triangle pointing towards you, fold the right corner up to meet the top point.

5. Repeat this fold with the left corner, so both corners now meet at the top point.

6. Unfold these last two folds; you should see two smaller triangles.

7. Fold one of these small triangles towards you and put some glue on it.

8. Refold those larger triangles back up so that they overlap and stick down onto the glue—this creates a pocket which is where you will slide over the corner of your page.

9. Now for the exciting part – making your monster unique! Use markers or colored pencils to draw on sharp teeth, scales, spots, or stripes onto your bookmark.

10. Attach googly eyes (one, two, three… the more, the merrier!) on your bookmark to bring it to life.

11. Optional: If you have them available, use pom-poms, glitter glue, or stickers for added texture and sparkle!

12. Let everything dry completely before placing your new monstrous friend onto a page corner in your book.

The beauty of this craft activity is its simplicity and adaptability; it can be tailored precisely to individual tastes or themes from books that children are currently enjoying! Not only does creating a Monster Corner Bookmark promote manual dexterity and encourage artistic expression; when using these bookmarks as placeholders in stories and novels, they serve as whimsical motivators for children (and adults alike) to pick up their books more often. So next time you’re in search of an engaging craft project that combines literacy with artistry—conjure up some monster mayhem with these delightful DIY corner book trackers!

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