My Dog Max – Comprehension Worksheet


Welcome to the “Understanding My Dog Max” article comprehension worksheet! Here, you’ll test your understanding of the heartfelt article about Max, a loyal and loving pet. Remember that this worksheet isn’t just about getting the right answers – it’s about connecting with Max’s story!


1. Describe Max in three words.

2. What is Max’s favorite toy and why?

3. How has Max impacted the life of his owner?

4. What unique habits does Max have?

5. Reflect on a time when you or someone you know had a similar experience with their pet as described in the article.

6. What lessons can we learn from the relationship between Max and his owner?

7. How does Max communicate his needs and emotions?

8. How has Max’s routine changed over time?

9. Why is Max considered a valued member of his family?

10. Imagine if you were to write a day in the life of Max, what activities would fill his day?


Great work diving into the story of My Dog Max! We hope these questions have helped sharpen your comprehension skills and possibly warmed your heart remembering that the bond between humans and their pets is truly special.

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