Our Favorite High School Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers


Teaching high school students can be both challenging and rewarding. To make the job easier for educators, a wealth of resources and teaching strategies can be found on online platforms such as Teachers Pay Teachers. In this article, we highlight our favorite high school Teachers Pay Teachers sellers who provide creative, engaging, and effective materials for various subject areas.

1. Science With Mrs. Lau

If you’re looking for comprehensive, engaging materials for your science classroom, Science With Mrs. Lau is your go-to seller! Specializing in biology and chemistry resources, you’ll find everything from task cards and labs to PowerPoint presentations and exams, all designed to make learning fun and meaningful.

2. Tracee Orman

A veteran English teacher with over 20 years of experience in the classroom, Tracee Orman offers a variety of materials that integrate technology, literature, writing, and critical thinking skills. Her resources span across multiple genres from novels studies and movie guides to escape rooms and project-based assignments.

3. The Math Series By Pre-Alg———-

Wish teaching math was as easy as solving equations? The Math Series By Pre-Alg is dedicated to providing engaging math materials for high school teachers – from graphing calculators and algebraic functions to statistics activities and geometric proofs.

4. Oscar’s History Hive

As the name suggests, Oscar’s History Hive is all about history! As a passionate social studies teacher himself, Oscar creates resources tailored to World History, U.S. History, Government, Civics and Economics courses. His materials include simulations, primary source analysis activities, interactive lessons plans and DBQ essays that promote historical thinking skills.

5. Teach Like You Mean It

For educators looking to create an inclusive atmosphere in their classrooms, Teach Like You Mean It offers exception curriculum materials focused on diversity and cultural competence in literature choices! Topics covered include LGBTQ+ fiction, African American literature, women’s studies, and Hispanic perspectives in diverse formats like guided readings and film studies.


These top five Teachers Pay Teachers sellers have proven time and time again that they are dedicated to providing high-quality resources for high school teachers. Whether you teach science, math, English, history, or social studies, these talented sellers have something to offer. Check out their stores to enhance your lesson plans and make a difference in your students’ educational journey!

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