Quiz: Discover Your Classroom Organization Style


Do you ever wonder what your classroom organization style reveals about your teaching approach? Take our insightful quiz to find out whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, an organized planner, or a creative genius. Better understanding your organization style can help you improve your overall teaching experience and effectiveness in the classroom.


Please read through the scenarios and options, then select the answer that resonates most with you. Tally up your score at the end to reveal your classroom organization style. Ready? Let’s begin!

1. When entering your classroom, what’s the first thing people notice?

A) Neatly arranged desks and clutter-free surfaces.

B) Colorful displays and an array of resources.

C) A system that organizes materials.

2. How do you plan for upcoming lessons?

A) Detailed weekly or monthly lesson plans with specific objectives.

B) A general outline of topics, adapting on-the-fly depending on student engagement.

C) A mixture of structured plans and creative brainstorming.

3. During class time, what do students find on their desks?

A) Nothing but what’s absolutely necessary for the lesson.

B) A variety of materials to cater to different learning styles.

C) Everything they need, organized in a specified order.

4. What’s the overall atmosphere in your classroom?

A) Orderly and focused.

B) Dynamic and bustling with exploration opportunities.

C) Well-structured but open to improvisation.

5. When it comes to organizing resources, which method best describes yours?

A) Clear containers or drawers labeled by subject or task.

B) Creatively using displays, shelves, or spaces for easy access and inspiration.

C) A combination of labeled storage solutions and unique organizing techniques.


Tally up your scores: Give yourself 1 point for each A answer; 2 points for each B answer; and 3 points for each C answer.

5-9 points: The Minimalist – Your classroom is organized, neat, and free of distractions, providing a focused environment for your students. Keep refining those decluttering skills to maintain a serene space for learning.

10-14 points: The Creative Genius – Your dynamic classroom fosters exploration, creativity, and inspiration. Balancing practicality with an imaginative approach, you bring your lessons to life.

15-21 points: The Organized Coordinator – Your organization style strikes the perfect balance between structure and flexibility. Continue honing your organizational skills to encourage a harmonious learning atmosphere.


Now that you’ve discovered your classroom organization style, embrace it and use this knowledge to make adjustments as needed. Creating a space that reflects your teaching approach will benefit both you and your students’ educational experiences.

So, which style best defines you? Get ready to take charge and work towards the ideal classroom setup that caters to your unique teaching preferences!

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