Teachers Pay Teachers Is Having a Sale This Week & Here’s Everything On Our Wishlist

Teachers Pay Teachers, the online marketplace where educators can buy and sell resources, is having a site-wide sale this week. With a vast plethora of items on our wishlist, we have curated a must-have selection for you to explore and take advantage of these fantastic deals.

1) Interactive Boom Cards

These digital, engaging, and self-correcting task cards are perfect for distance learning. They cover various subjects such as math, language arts, and science catering to different grade levels. The sale is an excellent opportunity to stock up on these time-saving and interactive resources.

2) Themed Classroom Decor Bundles

Revamp your classroom with eye-catching decor bundles that include posters, labels, and organizers. Themes range from watercolors, rustic woodland to superhero-inspired designs. Transform your learning environment without breaking the bank.

3) Exit Tickets

Exit tickets are essential assessment tools to gauge student understanding after a lesson or unit. Add variety to your exit ticket collection by choosing from the diverse options available on Teachers Pay Teachers during the sale.

4) Project-Based Learning Units

Engage students in real-world problem-solving activities using project-based learning units available for multiple subjects and grade levels. The sale allows you to try them out at discounted prices and diversify your instructional approach.

5) Escape Room Activities

Escape room activities are a fun and engaging way to reinforce concepts taught in class. With an array of options across different subjects such as math, science, and social studies, make sure to grab some during the sale before they return back to their individual prices.

6) Seasonal & Holiday Activities Bundle

Festive and seasonal activities help promote creativity while reinforcing academic content. Take this chance to enrich your holiday-themed resource collection at a discounted price.

7) Growth Mindset Resources

Invest in nurturing a growth mindset culture within your classroom with the selected materials that promote positive thinking, resilience, and perseverance. Add these books, posters, and activities to your wishlist during the sale.

8) STEM Challenges

Incorporate more STEM activities into your lesson plans with the wide selection available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Grab these hands-on learning resources at a reduced price during the sale.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stock up on valuable resources for your classroom as Teachers Pay Teachers conducts its sale this week. Update your educational toolbox while saving money, and provide your students with a diverse, engaging learning experience. Happy shopping!

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