Teachers Share The Hilarious Things Kids Have Done On Their Video Chats


In this time of digital transformation, online learning has become the new norm. While it comes with a set of challenges, there is a brighter side as well – the hilarious moments that occur during video chat lessons. As children adapt to the new way of learning, teachers have been sharing their funny encounters that have taken place during virtual classes. Here are some of the most amusing moments shared by our amazing teachers.

1. Pet Parade

A teacher reported that during a class session on animals, one enthusiastic student decided to show off his entire animal farm. He spent several minutes introducing each pet despite not sharing any photos or illustrations. From dogs and cats to hamsters and fish, the rest of the class was treated to a heart-warming and hilarious pet presentation.

2. Unexpected Guest Appearance

In one instance, a young student accidentally switched on his camera while he thought it was off, only to reveal he was sitting in front of his dad shaving his head! The entire class burst into laughter as the father realized he was now part of the lesson.

3. Costume Party

Another teacher recalled an incident where an eager student wore a superhero costume every single day for class. Although it initially seemed innocuous, it gradually became funnier when more and more students joined in – dressing up as different characters from superheroes to princesses.

4. Wear Your Background

A 4th-grade teacher remembered how her students loved to play around with virtual backgrounds. One student figured out how to wear her background as an outfit, creating a mirage-like effect that left everyone amused and bewildered at the same time.

5. Sibling Rivalry

As many siblings are stuck together at home, one teacher shared how siblings being in separate classes often led to hilarious interruptions by uninvited guests joining classes just for fun.

6. Snack Time

One teacher narrated how a student on mute unmuted himself to ask if anyone wanted a slice of their pizza in the middle of class. This hilarious moment made everyone hungry and spurred instant conversation about favorite pizza toppings.


While virtual classrooms can never replace the real experience of learning in a traditional school setting, it has also opened new opportunities for humor and entertainment. Students and teachers have found ways to adapt to this new environment while keeping their spirits high by embracing the lighter side. These amusing instances not only serve as an amusing diversion but also help in building a sense of connection amidst remote learning.

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