Teachers Share Their 20 Favorite GoNoodle Videos

As educators, we all know the importance of brain breaks and movement in the classroom. That’s why GoNoodle has become a staple for many teachers. With a wide variety of fun and engaging videos, GoNoodle not only gets our students moving but also helps them focus and energize.

To highlight the best of the best, we reached out to teachers and asked them to share their 20 favorite GoNoodle videos. The response was overwhelming, with countless recommendations pouring in. From silly dance parties to calming mindfulness exercises, these videos have it all.

Here are the top 20 GoNoodle videos beloved by teachers across the country:

  1. “Banana, Banana, Meatball” – A catchy tune that will have your students singing and dancing along.
  1. “Pop See Ko 2.0” – This sequel to the popular “Pop See Ko” video combines dance moves with a fun hip-hop beat.
  1. “Victory” – A high-energy video that motivates students to keep pushing forward and never give up.
  1. “Bones” – Take your students on a journey to learn about their bones while grooving to this catchy tune.
  1. “Happy” – Get ready to spread some happiness with this upbeat song that will have everyone smiling.
  1. “Maximo” – Join Maximo as he takes you on a Latin-inspired dance adventure.
  1. “Milkshake” – Shake up your classroom with this fun dance routine set to the classic “Milkshake” song.
  1. “Kitty High Five” – Give your students a paw-five as they follow along with this cute and quirky video.
  1. “Move and Freeze” – Practice listening skills and following directions with this interactive freeze dance.
  1. “Zumba Kids – Electronic Song” – Get your heart pumping with this Zumba-inspired workout for kids.
  1. “Go Bananas” – Time to go bananas with this energetic song that will get everyone moving and grooving.
  1. “The Peaceful Lion” – Encourage mindfulness and relaxation with this calming video featuring a peaceful lion.
  1. “Jump It Out” – Jump, jump, jump it out with this high-energy workout routine.
  1. “Dinosaur Stomp” – Roar like a dinosaur and stomp your way to a fun and active brain break.
  1. “I Want to Move It” – Join the zany crew in this Madagascar-themed dance party.
  1. “Moose Tube” – Sing, dance, and learn with the Moose Tube gang in this educational and fun series.
  1. “The Magic Key” – Unlock your students’ imagination with this enchanting video that takes them on a magical adventure.
  2. “Roller Coaster” – Brace yourself for a wild ride on this virtual roller coaster that will get your students moving.
  1. “Mega Mix 5” – Mix it up with this mashup of five popular GoNoodle videos that are sure to be a hit.
  1. “Get Yo Body Movin'” – This funky video combines dance moves with positive affirmations to boost student confidence and self-esteem.

These are just a few of the many incredible GoNoodle videos loved by teachers. Whether you need to get the wiggles out, calm down after recess, or simply have some fun, GoNoodle has a video for every occasion. So, why not give it a try and see how it can transform your classroom? Get ready to move, groove, and GoNoodle!

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