Teaching Students About Aishah Hasnie

Educators who are looking to inspire their students in the field of journalism can use the story of Aishah Hasnie as a powerful example. Aishah Hasnie is an accomplished journalist and news anchor, best known for her work with FOX News Channel (FNC). Her dedication to ethical journalism, integrity, and hard work has earned her a remarkable reputation among her peers and viewers alike. By teaching students about Aishah Hasnie, educators can help create an interest in journalism as a promising career choice.

Early Life and Education

Aishah Hasnie was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but emigrated to the United States with her family when she was quite young. Growing up in an immigrant family instilled strong values of determination and persistence, which were critical to her later successes. After settling in Bedford, Indiana, she attended Bedford North Lawrence High School where she developed an interest in journalism.

This interest followed her into college at Indiana University (IU), where she pursued a degree in journalism and political science. While at IU, she interned with renowned media organizations like GEO-TV in Pakistan and WTHR-TV Channel 13 in Indianapolis. These internships provided her invaluable insights into the world of television journalism.

Professional Career

Aishah Hasnie began her professional career as a reporter for WIAT TV CBS42 News in Birmingham, Alabama. She quickly gained recognition for her consumer investigations. One such investigation exposed off-the-books workers hired by British Petroleum (BP) as part of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup who worked under poor conditions without proper protective gear.

Aishah’s dedication to reporting stories that matter later took her to WXIN/FOX59 News in Indianapolis, where she served as a news anchor and an investigative reporter for almost eight years. During this time, she also secured exclusive interviews with key figures, including then-Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

In 2019, Aishah Hasnie joined FOX News Channel as a daytime news anchor and correspondent. Based in New York City, she continued to cover major national news events and conduct in-depth investigations.

Lessons from Aishah Hasnie’s Story

1. Perseverance: Aishah Hasnie faced numerous challenges on her journey to becoming a successful journalist. But instead of giving up, her determination led her to push forward and continue learning from every experience.

2. Integrity & Ethical Journalism: Aishah prioritizes telling the truth and investigating stories that matter, providing an excellent example of responsible journalism for aspiring reporters and students.

3. Importance of Education: Academic success often translates into professional accomplishments. Aishah’s continued education and internships offered her the experience necessary to excel in the field of journalism.

4. Respect for Cultural Diversity: As an immigrant from Pakistan who pursued a career in a diverse country like the United States, Aishah demonstrates how embracing cultural diversity can lead to success.


Teaching students about Aishah Hasnie serves as an essential reminder of the power of persistence, responsible journalism, and cultural diversity. Educators can use her story to inspire students who have aspirations in journalism or other fields that require grit and passion. By learning about Aishah’s journey, students will understand that with hard work and dedication, they too can achieve their dreams.

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