Teaching Students About Bartholomew of the Bible

Understanding and teaching historical figures can be a rewarding experience for both educators and students. When teaching about Bartholomew, it is essential to take into account his contributions to history while also exploring his impact on modern-day society. This article aims to provide educators with practical ideas and approaches for teaching students about Bartholomew in a way that is engaging, thought-provoking, and educational.

Introducing Bartholomew:

Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ and is described as one of the most influential Christian missionaries. He is believed to have traveled extensively across various countries to spread the message of Christianity. Begin by providing a brief introduction to Bartholomew and his role in Christian history.

1. Discuss how he became an apostle.

2. Talk about his missionary work and the countries he visited.

3. Mention that he was martyred for his devotion to Christianity.

Interactive Activities for Learning about Bartholomew:

The following activities can help inspire student interest in Bartholomew’s story and encourage their curiosity about his life.

1. Map Activity: Print out or display a blank map of the world (or focus just on the regions where Bartholomew traveled). Ask students to research his travels and label on the map the locations associated with his missionary work.

2. Role-Play: Assign different roles (e.g., Bartholomew, local people he encountered, other apostles) to students and have them re-enact pivotal events from his life, such as sharing the Christian message with locals or dealing with persecution.

3. Art Project: Invite students to create artwork related to Bartholomew’s life, such as painting scenes from his travels or creating sculptures representing his physical appearance based on historical descriptions.

Connections to Modern Society:

As an educator, it is vital to connect historical events and figures to the present day. In the case of Bartholomew, explore his impact on modern society and how his work has influenced the growth of Christianity around the world.

1. Discuss the spread of Christianity around the world and its current status as one of the largest global religions.

2. Talk about any famous churches or religious institutions dedicated to Bartholomew and their significance to local communities.

3. Explore the ongoing relevance of missionary work in today’s world. Compare and contrast Bartholomew’s missionary activities with contemporary missionary efforts across different faiths.


Teaching students about Bartholomew can be an engaging and informative experience that builds strong connections between history, religion, and modern society. Employing interactive activities and drawing ties to present-day events can help students develop a deeper appreciation for this remarkable historical figure while also promoting critical thinking, cultural understanding, and empathy.

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