Teaching Students About the Battleship Movie

The 2012 Battleship movie, directed by Peter Berg, stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, and Rihanna. Although it may seem like simply an action-packed sci-fi film inspired by a popular board game, it offers several educational aspects that can be invaluable for students. This article explores ways in which educators can use the Battleship movie to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Lesson 1: Understanding Military Strategy and Technology

The Battleship movie presents an immersive environment that showcases naval operations and technology accurately within its fictional context. Educators can use this film to introduce students to various key aspects of naval warfare, like communication protocols, ship formations, different types of naval vessels, as well as their capabilities.

Lesson 2: Exploring Geography and Map Reading

Set around the Hawaiian Islands and incorporating actual US Navy exercises (RIMPAC), educators can effectively use this film as a platform to teach geographical concepts, including coastline shapes, natural resources, strategic locations, and map reading skills.

Lesson 3: Examining Leadership Development and Team-building

Throughout the Battleship movie, several officer characters display teamwork qualities through collaboration and effective communication. Analyzing these characters can help students understand the importance of leadership development in real-life situations while also fostering an appreciation for team-building skills necessary in modern professional settings.

Lesson 4: Discussing Ethics and Decision-making in Warfare

Battleship offers numerous scenes that depict ethical issues in warfare – a topic that can provoke thought-provoking discussions among students. By examining situational dilemmas faced by characters in the film, educators can help students engage with important questions surrounding ethics and morality within armed conflict.

Lesson 5: Learning About Adaptation from Board Games to Film

The transformation of a traditional board game into a blockbuster movie allows students to learn about the process of adaptation, tapping into their creativity and critical thinking abilities. Educators can engage students in discussions on how a simple board game can be expanded into a captivating, visually immersive movie.


Incorporating Battleship movie into classroom lessons can provide educators with a unique opportunity to explore various topics, from military strategy and technology to geography, ethics in warfare, and adaptation. Through innovative lesson plans leaning on this engaging film, students will not only be entertained but also gain valuable insights into multiple educational dimensions.

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