Teaching Students About Candy Apple Red


Candy apple red is a vibrant, eye-catching color that has been capturing the attention of people for decades. Its rich hue and high-gloss finish evoke feelings of excitement, boldness, and nostalgia. What better way to engage students in art and history than by exploring the world of candy apple red? This article will provide a fun and educational approach to teaching students about this iconic color.

The History of Candy Apple Red

Start your lesson with a brief overview of the color’s history. Candy apple red originated in the automotive industry in the 1950s when hot rodders and custom car builders began using metallic flake paint jobs to showcase their vehicles. The name “candy apple red” was coined by Joe Bailon, a custom car builder from California, who is credited with inventing this unique paint process.

By mixing colorful metallic flakes with clear paint, Joe achieved a deep, glass-like finish that made the candy apple red stand out among other colors. As the popularity of candy apple red grew, it found its way into various industries, including fashion, cosmetics, and home décor.

Candy Apple Red in Art Projects

Next, engage your students in hands-on activities that emphasize creativity while using candy apple red as the primary color. Here are some ideas for art projects:

1. Candy Apple Red Paint Night: Provide each student with an easel, canvas, and an assortment of acrylic paints including candy apple red. Ask them to create a painting that incorporates this iconic hue.

2. Layered Collage Portraits: Have students cut out shapes from various shades of red paper (including candy apple red) to create layered collage portraits or abstract designs.

3. Candy Apple Red Pottery: If your school has access to a pottery studio or kiln, have students create ceramic pieces glazed in candy apple red with additional contrasting colors.

Candy Apple Red’s Influence in Culture

Expand the lesson by discussing how the candy apple red color has influenced pop culture and various industries. Some examples include:

1. Cars: Discuss the role candy apple red played in hot rod culture, as well as its presence in contemporary automotive design.

2. Fashion: Talk about how this vibrant hue has made a splash on the runway and influenced clothing designs throughout the years.

3. Music: Highlight the use of candy apple red in famous musical instruments like the Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul guitars.

4. Marketing: Dive into the psychology of color and how candy apple red has been used to evoke specific emotions in advertisements and branding.


Teaching students about candy apple red provides an exciting way to combine hands-on art projects with lessons in history and cultural influences. By engaging their creative minds and exploring the many facets of this iconic color, students will gain a deeper appreciation for art, design, and the world around them.

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