Teaching Students About Craig James


Teaching our youth about influential people within society is a vital process, allowing students to gain inspiration and motivation from their stories. One such individual who has made significant contributions in the realm of football and sports commentary is Craig James. In this article, we’ll explore who Craig James is, his career journey, and how educators can effectively teach students about his life and achievements.

Who is Craig James?

Craig James is a former American football player and sportscaster. Born in 1961 in Jacksonville, Texas, he showcased exceptional athletic prowess from an early age. After a successful high school football career, he attended Southern Methodist University (SMU), where he played as a running back alongside Eric Dickerson. Nicknamed “The Pony Express,” the duo earned great recognition for their prowess on the field.

In 1983, James entered the NFL and spent five seasons with the New England Patriots. Following his retirement from professional football in 1988, he transitioned into sports broadcasting. Over the years, he worked with major networks like ESPN, CBS Sports, and FOX Sports.

Teaching Strategies for Introducing Craig James to Students

1. Class Discussion

Begin by holding a class discussion that introduces students to who Craig James is. Encourage them to share their thoughts on his life and career while examining his various accomplishments. By engaging in open dialogue, students will cultivate interest in learning about influential figures like James.

2. Audio-Visual Aids

Utilize documentaries or video compilations highlighting key moments of James’s career as a player and broadcaster. Students can analyze these sources to better understand his journey both on and off the field while developing critical thinking skills by observing how different aspects of his life contribute to his success.

3. Biographical Research

Have students conduct biographical research on Craig James by using credible sources such as articles, books, or academic journals. Encourage them to delve deeper into his life, examining his influences, work ethic, and the challenges he faced along the way. This research can be shared through individual presentations or compiled into comprehensive reports.

4. Role-Playing Activity

Arrange a role-playing activity in which students take on the personas of various individuals involved in Craig James’s life – such as his coaches or teammates. By taking on these roles and engaging in scripted or improvised scenarios, students can gain a greater understanding of James’s character and the impact he had on those around him.

5. Reflective Writing

As a closing activity, ask students to write reflective essays about what they’ve learned about Craig James throughout the study unit. This form of assessment encourages critical thinking and enables educators to gauge their students’ depth of understanding.


Introducing Craig James’s life and achievements to students presents a valuable opportunity for them to learn about an influential individual in both professional sports and sports commentary. The teaching strategies mentioned above can help foster a comprehensive understanding of who James is and how his journey offers inspiration to aspiring athletes, sportscasters, and individuals with diverse career aspirations. By exploring the life of figures like Craig James, educators help shape well-rounded individuals with a more profound appreciation for those who have made a mark on society.

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