Teaching Students About Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai, born Cheree Crowley, is a professional wrestler from New Zealand currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She stands as an empowering role model for young students interested in the world of professional wrestling. This article will delve into Dakota Kai’s life and career to provide teachers with valuable information on how to use her journey as a teaching technique for their aspiring young athletes.

Early Life and Beginnings in Wrestling

Dakota Kai was born on May 6, 1988, in Auckland, New Zealand. Her passion for wrestling started at a young age, as she would frequently watch WWE matches together with her siblings. Dakota began her wrestling training under the guidance of Cruz and Steve Rickard at the Impact Pro Wrestling dojo. In 2007, she made her in-ring debut as Evie (her ring name at that time) at just 19 years old.

Becoming a Global Name

Despite being relatively new to the wrestling scene, Dakota slowly built her reputation by participating in various independent wrestling promotions worldwide. Primarily competing in New Zealand and Australia-based promotions, including Impact Pro Wrestling and Melbourne City Wrestling. Dakota eventually made waves across the United States and participated in several notable international promotions such as Ring of Honor (ROH) and Shimmer Women Athletes.

Joining WWE and Path to Stardom

Dakota’s hard work and dedication paid off when she signed with WWE in 2017 and adopted the ring name Dakota Kai. During her time with WWE’s developmental brand NXT, she firmly established herself as a fan favorite through her dynamic performances and engaging character work.

As an educator teaching student about Dakota Kai’s career, it is essential to emphasize the values of hard work, determination, perseverance, and following one’s passions. By working hard and never giving up on her dreams, Dakota Kai serves as a prime example for young students looking to achieve their goals.

Key Teaching Points

1. Pursuing Passion: Dakota’s early interest in wrestling eventually led her to the professional ring. Encouraging students to follow their passions and commit to their goals can be a powerful motivator in their lives.

2. Hard Work and Dedication: Remind students that Dakota didn’t become an overnight success; it took years of training, competing in various promotions before signing with WWE.

3. Resilience and Perseverance: Despite setbacks and challenges faced throughout her career, Dakota persevered and used these struggles to propel herself further on her journey.

4. Personal Growth: As students learn about Dakota’s journey from a young wrestling fan to a seasoned professional, they can also gain valuable insights into their growth as individuals.

5. Importance of Role Models: Dakota Kai is an incredible example of women pursuing careers in a male-dominated field, challenging the status quo, and emerging successful.


Using Dakota Kai’s journey as an example can provide valuable life lessons for your young students – showcasing the significance of dedication, perseverance, embracing challenges, and learning from setbacks. The experiences of high-achieving athletes like Dakota can undoubtedly inspire students to learn about resilience in the face of adversity and ignite their passions when pursuing their dreams.

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