Teaching Students about Do Kyungsoo: A Comprehensive Guide


Teaching students about Do Kyungsoo, a versatile and talented South Korean artist, can provide an enriching and engaging experience for young learners. As a member of the popular K-pop music group EXO and as a successful actor, Do Kyungsoo offers many valuable lessons in perseverance, creativity, and teamwork. This article aims to guide educators on how to effectively teach their students about this accomplished individual.

The Early Life of Do Kyungsoo:

Begin by providing an overview of Do Kyungsoo’s early life, including his birth on January 12, 1993, in Goyang, South Korea. Share with the students his passion for singing from a young age and his enrollment in the School of Performing Arts Seoul to pursue his dreams in music. Highlighting this early period allows students to see how commitment and focus on one’s passion can create a strong foundation for success.

Success with EXO:

Delve into the formation of EXO in 2011 by SM Entertainment, and the official debut of Do Kyungsoo as a member in 2012. Discuss how EXO became a sensation both domestically and internationally due to its captivating performances and distinctive styles. Teachers can emphasize the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and adaptability as essential skills that contribute to the group’s success.

Do Kyungsoo’s Solo Projects:

Devote time to discussing Do Kyungsoo’s solo projects to show how he used his skills gained with EXO to expand his creative pursuits even further. Mention his singles such as “That’s Okay” and “Rose,” along with their chart-topping successes. This encourages students to explore multiple avenues within their passions and seek out new growth opportunities.

Acting Career:

 Explore Do Kyungsoo’s successful acting career by highlighting his roles in various films and TV series, such as “Cart,” “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and “Along With the Gods” series. This demonstrates how perseverance and determination can lead to success in new fields, even when one has already achieved success in their primary area of interest.

Personal Life, Achievements, and Philanthropy:

Teach students about Do Kyungsoo’s personal life, including his military service in South Korea and his hobbies like cooking. Also, discuss his numerous awards and accolades as a singer and actor. Finally, emphasize the importance of giving back by sharing with students Do Kyungsoo’s participation in charitable causes like The Red Cross Youth’s Smile Angel Project.

Classroom Activities:

To enhance the learning experience, create a variety of interactive activities for students to engage with Do Kyungsoo’s story. These could include listening to EXO songs and analyzing their lyrics, watching movie clips featuring Do Kyungsoo’s acting skills, or hosting debates on artistry and the role of entertainment in society. Additionally, encourage students to explore their creative energies through group projects inspired by Do Kyungsoo – perhaps by composing their songs or creating short skits.


By teaching students about Do Kyungsoo’s life and career, they can gain valuable insights into the power of perseverance, passion, and creativity. Furthermore, they can learn essential life skills such as teamwork, adaptability, exploration of multiple talents, and philanthropy. Overall, this comprehensive guide aims to engage students in a rewarding educational experience by discovering Do Kyungsoo’s fascinating life journey.

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