Teaching Students About Heaven’s Lost Property

In this article, we aim to provide teachers with a comprehensive guide to teach their students about Heaven’s Lost Property, a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Suu Minazuki. We will cover the core themes, important characters, and ideas for engaging activities to help students better understand and appreciate the series.


Heaven’s Lost Property, or “Sora no Otoshimono” in Japanese, is a manga and anime series that began in 2007 and concluded in 2014. The story follows Tomoki Sakurai, a teenager who discovers an otherworldly creature called an Angeloid who falls from the sky. The series combines elements of comedy, romance, and science fiction, making it an engaging subject for students to study.

Core Themes:

1. Discovery and Identity – Tomoki’s life changes forever when he comes across the Angeloid, Ikaros. The two embark on a journey of self-discovery as Ikaros seeks to understand her identity while Tomoki navigates his own feelings and desires.

2. Trust and Friendship – As the story progresses, Tomoki forms bonds not only with Ikaros but also with other characters such as Nymph and Astrea. The relationships between them underscore the importance of trust and friendship in our lives.

3. Ethical Choices – Throughout Heaven’s Lost Property, characters face challenging ethical decisions that force them to question morality and make difficult choices that have far-reaching consequences.

Important Characters:

1. Tomoki Sakurai – The main protagonist who undergoes significant character development as he interacts with the Angeloids.

2. Ikaros – A powerful Angeloid initially devoid of emotions but transforms under Tomoki’s influence.

3. Nymph – A cunning Angeloid seeking freedom from her past; she becomes close friends with Ikaros and Tomoki.

4. Astrea – A warrior Angeloid who initially tries to eliminate Tomoki but later becomes his ally.

Engaging Activities for Students:

1. Character Analysis: Encourage students to analyze the characters’ development throughout the series. What are the pivotal moments that shape the characters? How do these moments enable them to grow and evolve?

2. Ethical Debates: Have students discuss the ethical dilemmas faced by characters in Heaven’s Lost Property. Encourage them to debate different perspectives and consider how their own values align with those of the characters.

3. Creative Adaptation: Invite students to write their own short stories or create artwork inspired by Heaven’s Lost Property’s characters or themes. Encourage them to explore various themes, including love, loss, friendship, and sacrifice.


By exploring Heaven’s Lost Property’s richly-developed themes and engaging storylines, teachers can create an interactive learning environment that fosters critical thinking and creativity in students who wish to delve into the captivating world of this beloved manga and anime series.

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