Teaching Students About Julie Chen


Teaching students about influential figures in the media industry helps them understand the role media personalities play in shaping public opinion and communicating important news stories. One such figure is Julie Chen, an established journalist, television personality, and producer with a career spanning over three decades. This article will explore strategies for teaching students about Julie Chen and her contributions to media and journalism.

Julie Chen’s Background

Begin by building a solid foundation of knowledge about Julie Chen’s personal and professional background. Born in 1970 in Queens, New York, she grew up in a Chinese-American family. Hold a discussion on her upbringing, education (Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California), multicultural background, and how these factors might have influenced her career. Discussing her early experiences as an intern for CBS Morning News and as a news assistant at ABC News can also be informative.

Contributions to Media & Journalism

Explore Julie Chen’s career highlights at CBS, starting with her work as a reporter for WCBS-TV, eventually moving on to anchor roles at CBS Morning News and CBS This Morning. Highlight the importance of her position as the anchor of Big Brother – a reality show that dives into human nature through strategic alliances, social interactions, and personal struggles, which ultimately leaves only one contestant standing. Introduce her role as a co-host on The Talk – a television panel talk show discussing current events, family issues, entertainment news, and beyond.

Media Ethics & Objectivism

Discuss Julie Chen’s approach to journalism in terms of objectivity, ethics, and professionalism throughout her career. Engage students in analyzing different situations where she has been faced with ethical dilemmas or public scrutiny for certain actions or statements during her time on television. This analysis not only teaches students about Julie Chen but also serves as a broader introduction to the complexities involved in responsible journalism.

Women & Minorities in Media

Examine the role of women and minorities in the media, focusing on the challenges and opportunities Julie Chen has faced as an Asian-American woman. Engage students in understanding how her heritage has influenced her journalistic style and choices, the importance of representation in media, and how such diversity can contribute to more comprehensive news reporting.

Interactive Activities

1. Interview Study: Have students analyze clips of Julie Chen’s interviews with various celebrities and public figures. Encourage them to note her interview techniques, questions, and ability to create a comfortable atmosphere for her guests.

2. Investigative Reporting: Task students with researching a local or global issue. Encourage them to use Julie Chen’s journalistic approach as a guide in conducting their own research and interviews.

3. Panel Discussion: Organize a panel discussion similar to The Talk format. Assign different topics or current events for students to research, then encourage them to share their views while also practicing active listening skills.


Teaching students about Julie Chen facilitates crucial lessons on media ethics, objectivity, diversity, and responsibility as a journalist. Her accomplishments offer inspiration for aspiring journalists and serve as an excellent starting point for engaging future generations of media professionals in understanding the power that thoughtful journalism can have on society. Encourage students to critically engage with the media while celebrating figures like Julie Chen who lead with integrity and passion in their careers.

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