Teaching Students About Kevin From ‘Up’: A Lesson in Creativity and Compassion


Kevin from Pixar’s beloved 2009 film “Up” is a colorful, fantastical bird who teaches valuable life lessons to both young and old audience members. In this article, we will discuss how educators can incorporate lessons on creativity, exploration, and empathy by teaching students about Kevin from Up.

1. Introducing Kevin the Bird

Begin by showing your students the captivating character of Kevin from the movie Up. This loveable and quirky bird demonstrates many personality traits that can teach your class a lesson or two. You can watch clips from the movie or even bring in toys or other visual aids to help the children better visualize Kevin.

2. Exploring Imagination and Creativity

Kevin is a vibrant, fictional bird – visually distinct from any known species in the real world. Use Kevin as a perfect example for teaching about imagination and creativity. Encourage your students to design their unique birds: they can draw or create collages using diverse materials. Have them consider the bird’s habitat, diet, adaptations, and characteristics specific to their creation.

3. Teaching Students about Empathy

Another essential lesson to learn from Kevin is empathy. In Up, several characters mistakenly think that he is just an ordinary bird – but Russell discovers that Kevin is actually a protective mother with babies waiting for her at home.

Discuss with your class about making assumptions based on appearances and how being more empathetic can help avoid prejudices. Role-play scenarios can be conducted where students put themselves in others’ shoes to understand different perspectives better.

4. The Importance of Adventure and Exploration

The adventure shared by Carl, Russell, and Kevin in Up inspires viewers of all ages to explore and seek new experiences. Encourage your students to embrace an adventurous spirit with activities such as scavenger hunts or treasure maps around school premises or other designated locations.

You can also have students create their expedition, involving research and exploration of a specific topic that interests them. This activity will foster a sense of curiosity and responsibility in seeking knowledge and learning new things.

5. Encouraging Teamwork

Throughout the film, Kevin becomes an essential part of Carl and Russell’s team – helping them navigate through their adventure. Use this example to illustrate the value of teamwork for your students.

Conduct team-building exercises, like group projects, puzzles, or games where students have to cooperate and collaborate with one another to achieve success. These activities demonstrate the importance of support, communication, and working together to reach a common goal.


Teaching students about Kevin from Up can provide a fun and engaging way to introduce valuable life lessons such as empathy, creativity, exploration, and teamwork. Employing this memorable character in your educational planning will not only help create an exciting learning environment but will also have long-lasting impacts on your students’ personal development.

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